Sean Mallory continues with his ribbing of political unionism. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

Following on from yesterday's look at the DUP, Ruth Patterson's ’s auld buddy in arms, Edwin Poots, was busying himself highlighting to the public the case of a serving prison officer at Maghaberry HMP, recently branded the most dangerous prison in the UK by inspectors, who was self-harming due to the stress of the job.

According to Poots, the jail is understaffed, in chaos and awash with drugs which Mr Poots described as unsurprising. Which sort of calls in to question the efficacy of the Assembly's Committee for Justice which Poots sits on.

A Department of Justice spokesman added to the chaos envisaged:
Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland raised a number of serious issues in their Report following the unannounced inspection in May ... Northern Ireland Prison Service has published the actions that will address all the recommendations from the report and is confident that when the Inspectors return in January they will see significant improvement and a safer prison at Maghaberry.

Narcotics left lying around will no longer be tolerated! Better to self-harm than harm a prisoner Poots, eh!

Meanwhile as Cameron was preparing to bomb Syria he announced:

I don't want to bounce the House into this .... Members of Parliament will be able to take it away, consider it over the weekend, and then we go to having a full day’s debate and proper consideration, and a vote.

But he added: “We shouldn’t take too long over it. Every day that we spend is a day that we're not getting to grips with the [Isis] menace.” Bouncing if ever there was bouncing. And he went on to highlight a Blairite style report that intimated that Daesh were in the process of seeking a nuclear or biological weapon to add to their current armoury. Here we go again!

But the public shouldn’t be alarmed of any retaliatory attacks by ISIS/Daesh as Adrian Cochrane-Watson, UUP MLA, and who sits on the board of Bouncy King NI and Antrim Borough Council, is currently in discussions with Antrim Borough Council to provide bouncy castles for all the kids blown to pieces in Syria by the RAF ... for an ad hoc cost of course!

 Watson like Arlene Foster and fracking, when questioned about an ‘undeclared interest’ in a publicly funded money matter for providing bouncy castles to the 11th night revellers, denied that he had any need to declare anything ... just as Foster didn’t feel the need to declare an interest either!

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