Blindly Ignoring The Obvious

US writer Frank O'Brien argues that too many are taken in by too few.

All this hype going on in France over the obviously orchestrated attacks meant as a mere public opinion maneuver by the intelligence services disgusts me. The real question still remains, who is really behind this ISIS/ISIL organization, and well over a year ago this was methodically detailed by the likes of The Corbett Report.

I would add further the likely inclusion of the statelet of Israel, with its Zionist intentions having come out so clear by allowing tensions to rise so precipitously in its nasty suppression of the Palestinian people. The latest two sickening crimes being the IDF having infiltrated a hospital to kill a Palestinian activist, and the IDF having destroyed a Palestinian radio station. None of these made the Western corporate mainstream/lamestream press....why???.....since the Jewish lobby in the United States directs the press to ignore these mini-atrocities, since its certainly less desirable to their agenda if these reports came out. 

Come out they did nonetheless, thankfully through the Arab media in the region, and in ALT news media from around the world. The "Great Satan" and its surrogates/ proxies, such as ISIS/ISIL, blatantly go around killing innocent people indiscriminately, the blame in the press only reaching so far to this bogeyman ISIS/ISIL, which is but merely a creation of the Western powers, meant to distract public opinion, to manipulate public opinion, and clearly moisten them up for a long war with this new Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda was nothing more than a convenient whipping boy, even though they were created and funded by our own CIA, just as ISIS/ISIL are today. 

Why do we allow ourselves to forget these realities, failing miserably to pin the blame exactly where it should be stuck, right between the eyes of Uncle Sam and his NATO cohorts? To claim blissful ignorance doesn't cut it anymore, when the facts have been overwhelmingly presented a year or two prior already, even if not in the corporate media, which continuously is bombarding us with asinine coverage of the corporate bought and controlled presidential primary elections. 

There is almost no hope for the malignancy that creeps into our daily lives, which our firmly forgetting our past. The usual would be something like,"Ohhh, what are you talking about???" Even the American public remains more ignorant than even their more sophisticated European counterparts, forgetting what came in the news cycle from years back. Only in the Truth Movement, Patriot Movement and ANONYMOUS does the collective memory remain in place, rather than being conveniently and ignorantly forgotten. It is obvious to any truly intelligent geopolitical observer what is really behind these latest atrocities, and who is steering the boat, and who aren't fooled by what passes for news on CNN, MSNBC and FOX News. These are media outlets for the truly simple minded, who aren't all there in the mind, and who don't bother to do their own serious research, but rather sit down with glazed looks each night taking in whatever the goof balls throw at them next. 

I for one have had it up to here after observing what these corporate controlled media types keep on spewing out, even if the facts say otherwise to their rhetoric which is driven by institutionalized ignorance, and public memory attention deficit disorders. Now is the time for us who know the facts to be otherwise to join together, and trumpet the facts loud and clear. 

The Russians even pretend in a way to ignore the obvious when it comes to the big bad bogeyman ISIS/ISIL, though Putin did go on the record, for those who bothered listening, that he had a good idea who really is behind the jihadist monsters. Putin is playing the blame game for his own strategic reasons, but he is no idiot that doesn't really know who is really behind these atrocities. The original GLADIO/NATO false flag terrorist attacks reach back decades, and are now well documented to the point of undeniable fact. The attacks in Turkey and now France are very much in line with the new GLADIO B operations meant to sway ignorant public opinion towards a global war against monsters that were created by them in the first place. 

The monsters who really deserve our military response are these NATO/CIA/ MI6/ MI5/Pentagon et al sons of bitches, who manipulate, manufacture and serve up atrocities as if they come out of thin air, coming only from what are really their own lackeys, in pursuit of world domination. If the next maneuver isn't to go to war with Russia, China or North Korea(another moronic self created minion), then it will merely to be a War on Terror 2.0, which is truly irritating to contemplate after years of the original one fought falsely upon a faulty reasoning stemming from the 9/11 false flags. 

Do most of you even know about the false flag operations of 9/11? If you don't know, now is the time to play catch up, and to learn yourselves on the real facts that the lamestream, corporate controlled propaganda machine has deliberately hidden away from you. Become your own personal war machine once you're enlightened, learning others about 9/11, and those people will begin to see a whole new reality bounce up before their very eyes.

It is by forgetting our past that we are destined to continue repeating it unless we wake up from our boob tube slumber, caring more about the Kardashians, celebrity oriented trash TV and all the mindless shows that pass for good TV nowadays. It is your responsibility to look beyond these distractions, looking deeper behind the incessantly moronic media, going instead behind the headlines, and ripping the truth from the clutches of blissful ignorance. You are what you consume, and if you drink the poison fed to you on a daily basis by the corporate propaganda masters, who would make any Nazi proud, you stand to be just a pawn in the greater game for global dominance by our corporate fascist overlords. If anger is your motivator, or rage at the countless number of deaths in France, then go with it, and do your own research, and realize that all that this hype amounts to is an excuse for a new crusade, much like the ones from hundreds of years back, going on a millennium now. 

Back then the pope was the instigator, whipping the people up into a frenzy over many times false reporting of what was really going on in the Levant, aka the Middle East. The pope back then called for a holy war against the infidel, who in his opinion were sacrilegiously pillaging, raping and corrupting Jesus's birth place, replacing it with their false religion. 

Now we have the manufactured likes of ISIS/ISIL as the shadowy enemy, when in fact, as back 1,000 years ago, they are enemy who is anything but the true enemy. The true enemy are those in the Western intelligence apparatus who are behind the creation, and manipulation of these otherwise nom de plume terrorist elements. Guns and bombs didn't just fall from the skies into their hands, besides their so-called sophisticated network that is said to have pulled off these latest attacks. They were given help by the same bozos that created them and directed them to do these outrageous atrocities. We need to look in the mirror to see who we are really needing to fight, rather than merely bombing the hell out of these goofs in Syria and Iraq. 

One cannot blame the refugees either, since the majority of them are as innocent as those killed in great numbers the other day. These displaced people need to be desperately processed, vetted and then looked after, once the militants are weeded out from the fold. To blame the refugees is to ignore the whole reason behind their having been forced to seek shelter from a war that the West started through their meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations. This meddling included setting up straw man forces that were meant to give reason to our stepping into the conflict, instead of pursuing diplomatic ways and means to stop the bloodshed. 

The Anglo-European coalition is made up of sociopaths in suits who care not how many bodies that they have to step over in order to reach their desired goals. Our fight is really with them, and not merely their jihadist proxies, so we should look to get the real truth out about their hidden involvement with these latest atrocities, and look to take them down hard, and hard as in as hard as is called for given their lack of concern for basic human life. If we continue to ignore the obvious, or what is the obvious for the truly learned, we will wind up in a blind leading the blind conflict, which will be allowed to engulf not only Europe, America but also the whole of the Middle East.


  1. Do most of you even know about the false flag operations of 9/11?

    I know what idiots think are false flag operations surrounding 9/11, why not list them, I promise I'll ram them right back inside you, it would be my idea of fun actually. (The only one that turned out vauguely true was the toxic effect of dust, and that is more an insurance coverup than a black op anyway.)
    The real ISIS conspiracy is that not a single thing they do (albeit with modern tools) wasnt done by Mohammed before them. Pick the most terrible thing ISIS have done : Mohammed did that!

  2. DaithiD,

    as tolerant as I try to be of other opinions including religious ones so long as they are not practiced on me, I think there is no getting away from your point that "Pick the most terrible thing ISIS have done : Mohammed did that!". I don't think it is just a religious problem but it is very much a religious problem.