As Real As It Gets

Sean Mallory thinks there is something ersatz about the get real stance of the UUP in the wake of the Three Monkeys report. Sean Mallory is Tyrone republican.

Post report, the UUP having felt vindicated went off with their noses held high and convened their annual Party conference in their UUP Lord Rana’s Ramada Hotel over at Shaw’s Bridge. A lord, described by some as a property developer and as a person who has extensively contributed to the economy and welfare of ‘norn iron’ and in particular the redevelopment of Belfast City Centre.

Unlike in Derry and Larne, where such actions as demolishing a listed building in Derry, Tillie and Henderson, and leaving the site in a dangerous condition to local children and without proper legal authority and fear of prosecution and allowing Cairndhu House in Larne to fall in to disrepair, earned the good lord the wrath of the local communities. 

So while Nesbitt crowed to the party faithful about how successful the UUP have been in recent elections and how they would be just as, if not more, successful in the upcoming Stormont Assembly elections next year against the DUP, he warned Sinn Fein to ‘get real’ or there would be consequences if they didn’t step up to the plate.

“Sinn Fein must "get real" about the existence of the IRA or face the political consequences.”

And that’s where his ‘get real’ call stops! 

Leaving both the great unwashed and SF to ponder what ‘political consequences’ actually refers too since Nesbit didn’t bother to elaborate or detail this. 

Thus effectively undermining his own warning.

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