Angel Of The Arkrights

Sean Mallory is not mightily impressed by DUP Dinosaur Nelson McCausland but leaves us to guess if he thinks McCausland's final suggestion has some merit. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

Nelson McCausland, DUP bigot, guiding light of the Arkrights and the sectarian racist Gibberish Society and chair of the Stormont’s arts committee (also a very important post!) and past DCAL minister, has successfully seen off two calls by both the SDLP and SF to have him step aside as chairman of an enquiry in to safety standards at Casement Park and to appear as a witness to the on-going investigation. 

Both calls based on McCausland’s former role as sports minister and comments he made in the press. Both were defeated with the help of the DUP, UUP and NI21.

In turn, McCausland called for an investigation in to the funding of the West Belfast festival due to favouritism by the SF Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure. Apparently DCAL, under the tutelage of Carol Cullen of SF, showed favouritism to this festival because of four of the directors of the festival being members of SF. Surely not!

McCausland added to responses on unequal funding to other areas of the city with more emphasise on his bigots in North Belfast not receiving any of the funding:

"Don't come here and tell us there is parity and equity when there clearly isn't."

Which is rich coming from a man who demanded that sectarian racist Unionist/Loyalist bands be funded for uniforms and musical instruments which Cullen duly obliges, that the Ulster Museum should display what he demands especially about Orangism, and the Belfast Festival at Queens should show favouritism and promote pro-Israeli views and gospel music. Two subjects close to his heart and part of Nelson’s world view of Palestine and what a ‘shared future’ should entail. 

Not content to leave it at that, McCausland, in reference to his ‘shared future’ view, has called SF’s proposals for Unionist/Loyalist inclusivity at the launch of their centenary commemorations of the 1916 Rising as a ‘farcical commemoration’ since nothing happened in Ulster and that they, SF, would be more suited to commemorating the British soldiers and civilians who died in the Rising.


  1. Deary me Sean, you really like to get yourself all worked up don't you? I agree, McCausland is a complete imbecile and I dislike the DUP as much as the next person, but alluding to the Ulster-Scots language as 'gibberish' says more about your bigotry than anything else.

    In fact, I remember another DUP minister making similar reprehensible 'gibberish' regarding Irish.

    Bigotry is, as bigots do.

  2. From Sean Mallory

    Angel of the Arkrights

    a short recount of a conversation I had with a fluent Irish speaker of which I’m not.

    His colleague who works for Stormont in translating English in to Irish was asked by her line manager one Friday afternoon would she take a folder home, it was huge, on Ulster-Scots language, and see what she could make of it as they were being asked to translate English to Ulster-Scots. She duly obliged.

    On Monday morning her line manager asked her had she anytime to look at that folder over the weekend and she replied.

    Certainly, if that’s supposed to be a language then I’m fluent. That’s the biggest load of ‘gibberish’ I have ever come’s made up as they go along! It isn’t a separate language at all but badly pronounced English.

    Enough said.

  3. Steve/Sean,

    many unionists I know cringe at the mention of Ulster-Scots. I think it is one of these parity of esteem creations of the peace process. But that that most of us would never have heard of it. Not being a culture vulture (although I can speak Irish to a reasonable fluent degree) I don't much care what we speak and am hostile to any notion that people should be disadvantaged in jobs down here because they cannot speak Irish). But I never saw much that was serious about Ulster Scots in terms of a language rather than a dialect. I view it as a politically contrived Esperanto. Being a creature of convenience I prefer English to any other language, much as I prefer the Euro to any other currency. That's the problem with Sweden: the bastards spoke Swedish and used the kronor when I was in Stockholm!!

  4. "Badly pronounced English" said the shit kicker from the far side of the Bann! Ulster-Scots is a dialect of English, not a language, and was the dialect spoken by the Scots who settled here after the Plantation, but I guess that is why republicans like to ridicule it. Just like the DUP like to ridicule the "gibberish" of Irish. Both Irish and Ulster-Scots are an integral part of our history and are important to preserve. The fact that bigots like Mallory and McCausland want to use them as point scoring sectarian footballs is a sad reflection on all thon wee skitters.