A Fresh Start???? Lies, Lies, Lies!!!

A writer @ Belfast Marxist is fed up with Tory Sinn Fein lies. 

The mighty PR machine of Sinn Fein has been in overdrive over the last week as they attempt to spin the Stormont House Agreement 2.0 as a good deal and a fresh start for those of us who are living in occupied territories.

Undoubtedly they do a good job at spinning their lies, after all they are well use to spinning defeats and selling them as victories. This is the party that has sold the surrender of 2006 as victory and is the same party that protested against Royal visits while party leadership wined and dined with British Royalty. We all know that they are fond of the frequent U turn now again, as seen in this latest debacle.

Despite all the spin and lies it is clear that the community are rejecting this deal, a deal that will have drastic implications for us all and will plummet our communities in to further poverty and deprivation. Over the last number of days Belfast Marxist has received several photos by those who have taken action against the deal. The two photos I have included in this post is paint thrown over a billboard promoting the deal in Andersonstown and the other is a mural on the International Wall on the Lower Falls.

No matter what Sinn Fein say or do or what lies they print this deal is not a fresh start for working class people, this deal is bad, corrupt and only serves the interests of big business. Sinn Fein and the DUP have accepted a lowering of corporation tax for big business and have also handed the powers of welfare reform back to the Tory government. The capitalists will be rubbing their greasy hands!

In accepting this deal our politicians have only looked after their own selfish interest, in fear of losing their artificial power within Stormont they refused to walk away and conceded to the Tories. West Belfast remains one of the most deprived areas in the North of Ireland and Britain, the acceptance of this deal will only see things get worse for all of us. Sinn Fein should have stood up for the working class and rejected this deal, if the Tories didn’t compromise they should’ve walked away. Sinn Fein decided to maintain their position in Stormont and accepted welfare reform and gave powers to a fascist Tory government, the irony in so called republicans giving powers to the Brits is unbelievable.

Now more than ever I know that I have made the right decisions and I am critical of the right people, I am standing on the right side of history. Sinn Fein who was built on the backs of working class people who sacrificed their lives and liberty are now used and abused to build an empire.

Remember, no matter what the Shinners say or do, this agreement will have a damaging affect on our class, our health service, education system, benefits, workers. We will feel the impact of this agreement and we will become poorer as big business get richer all thanks to our friends in Sinn Fein and the DUP. Remember this when you are struggling to find work, to put food on your table, pay the bills or look after your family. Remember when you are waiting in A&E or when you are saying goodbye to a friend or loved one who is forced to emigrate in search of work.

So as the strong stance and war cry in opposition to Tory cuts has faded just like their mural above remember the next time you see a public talk advertised, a picket or you are in a polling booth that it was our local politicians who betrayed us and who have attacked the working class by assisting the Tory regime.


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