From one keyboard warrior to another. I write this post in response to a debate with Twitters @TraGearrFear and Sinn Fein’s Keith Haughian. 140 characters on Twitter is too little room for proper discussion and debate.

Tra Gearr began by stating that our new writer, Seanchaí, post is without substance. Seanchaís point is based upon his own opinion, that the PSNI is cut from the same cloth as the RUC and that both are the same despite a change in uniform and a change in name. Despite being based upon experience and opinion I share the same view as Seanchaí. Tra Gearr and Keith Haughians agenda is basically to defend their failed strategy of trying to reform an irreformable foreign body or ‘put manners into the PSNI’.

Seanchaí also points out the PSNI have a Gaelic football team, which they do, that they harass republicans and carry out stop and searches, which they do, and that this is imbalanced and sectarian, which they are. So what points are without substance?

Without a doubt the PSNI have the same interest as the RUC and we as Irish citizens or our political reps living in occupied territories cannot hold them to account. Our community police recently raided Short Strand community centre and they also detained Bobby Storey, one of Keith's leaders. I have chose these two because they are relevant examples to Tra Gearr and Keith but these are only two examples of the hundreds of violations that are carried out by the PSNI on a daily basis.

Seanchaí signs off by saying the Sinn Fein work hand in hand with the PSNI and also defend them. The debate with Keith strengthened this argument but Sinn Fein assist the PSNI with their normailisation policy by bringing them into local communities and events with young children in order to win hearts and minds. Anyone who allows armed gunmen near young children is an idiot. There are many within Sinn Fein.

Collaborators such as Keith Haughian and the rest within Sinn Fein advise people to inform. Seanchaí is right, people should raise their voices in opposition to injustice wherever it is found. They should raise their voices in opposition to collaborators.
The debate with Keith Haughian and Tra Gearr is collaborators trying to justify and defend themselves. Those who have veered so far in to the camp of the enemy now try to justify their actions, defend the enemy, felonset and attempt to criminalise the good guys, history has a funny habit of repeating itself.

Tra Gearr took the ignorant position that he has experienced ‘ALL’ forms of RUC harassment and therefore he inherits the right to critique and everyone else is irrelevant. He advocates ‘support and actively rework for a better service’. Firstly, the PSNI are a force and provide no service for our community, their interest is merely selfish. Secondly, forces of occupation cannot be reformed. Tra Gearr stating that they need reformed clearly shows that he realises that they haven’t changed. A ‘new Ireland’ will not be created with the assistance of those who uphold and enforce foreign laws in Ireland and by those with the sole aim of protecting the orange state and the establishment.

Tra Gearr asked how I would police the North, clearly looking for some militaristic or typical ‘dissident’ response. At this stage Baby Shinner and cop lover Eoin McShane jumped on the band wagon. I was told I was insane for suggesting community empowerment. Even if we lived in the Socialist Republic and had a perfect police service, we should always aspire to community empowerment. We lack a police service here so when asked what’s the alternative to the police I am baffled as we have never had one. The PIRA acted as a interim police service for our communities and kept anti social behaviour and drugs at bay but Sinn Fein disbanded that organisation. This is strengthened by the fact that drugs are rampant within our communities but the PSNI are more interested in harassing and detaining community activists.

I agree with Tra Gearr that without question the PSNI have no shoot to kill policy, they aren’t attacking mourners and they aren’t colluding with Loyalists to kill civilians. Despite this the aim of the PSNI does remain the same as that of the RUC, to uphold foreign laws, protect the status quo and the orange state. The tactic now used is a friendly one with the same deadly affect, normailisation and infiltration. A police force with a smile welcomed in by the collaborators to silently wreak havoc in our communities through intimidation, harassment and internment.

Keith says I am out of touch with reality and what goes on on the ground. I am well aware with what goes on, I work with and for my class on a daily basis. The reality is that crime is on the rise, the PSNI intimidate, harass and detain republicans and continue to attempt to recruit the most vulnerable within our communities as informants. They continue to facilitate orange and illegal marches and hold our communities ransom from the barrel of a gun. Our communities have been betrayed by revolutionaries in suits turned collaborators.

Ardoyne is only one example of the unchanged nature of the PSNI in practice with the constant and daily harassment of republicans and community activists.

The PIRA have certainly disbanded but the RUC haven’t gone away you know!!!