A not so smooth criminal

With the furore around leading Shinners being ‘untouchable’ and considering Sinn Fein’s policy on policing I decided to do a little experiment.

Sinn Fein have called on people with information on crime to contact the PSNI, we’ve heard the call time and time again.

So what would happen if someone went to Sinn Fein for advice about criminal activity?

So a concerned citizen contacted former Sinn Fein Mayor of Derry, Councillor Kevin Campbell and asked him for advice about how to ensure information on ‘criminal activity’ made it to the proper authorities.

The person sending the email stated that they were concerned about possible repercussions against them in light of this.

So what did Cllr Campbell do? Did he tell this person to contact the PSNI?

Not at all Kevin suggested contacting the Sinn Fein centre, he didn’t offer to meet the person! Kevin didn’t give any assurances, that it would be ok!

Kevin didn’t give the name of a person to contact, just the Sinn Fein centre, nor did he say how qualified this person would be to deal with a concern he didn’t even try to establish any information about.

And Kevin did not tell this person if she was concerned about potential criminal activity, and even repercussions against her, or her family to contact the PSNI.

Obviously Kevin & Sinn Fein consider themselves to be the ‘proper authorities’, hubris in excess comes to mind!


So since Councillor Kevin didn’t seem too interested, I decided to pinpoint direct criminal activity and provide photographic evidence then gauge his response, so another email was sent.


Unfortunately Kevin has not responded to the email – and this criminal who as we can see has been photographed armed with a weapon is still roaming the streets of Derry unhindered.

I wonder why he hasn’t been arrested or questioned despite being implicated and implicating himself in illegal activity on numerous occasions?

I wonder why Councillor Kevin Campbell never responded to the second e-mail?

And why is it when you contact your local councillor about potential criminal activity do they not tell you to contact the PSNI?

So there you have it, if you have a problem, and you need advice just don’t contact Sinn Fein.