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NIPSA General Secretary Alison Millar sets out her stall as she seeks re-election to the union's General Secretary position. TPQ is grateful to Brenda Whelan for having submitted the statement to this blog.

Supporters of Alison Millar ... I wish to put on record my debt of gratitude to NIPSA Members, NIPSA Representatives, NIPSA Officials and NIPSA Staff.

Throughout my time as NIPSA Deputy General Secretary, in the 35 plus years I have served NIPSA and throughout my many years of activism in the wider trade union movement, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work on behalf of the NIPSA Membership. I have never regarded it as anything other, nor have I ever taken my role as a representative, a union official or a trade union activist for granted.

NIPSA membership has gone from strength to strength in that time and the overwhelming majority of members have supported NIPSA through every eventuality and through difficult times.

It is also important to state that NIPSA Representatives and Branches from across the union work tirelessly in defence of member's interests and that should not go unrecognised.

Likewise NIPSA Officials and NIPSA Staff work extremely hard and they do so to defend the interests of NIPSA members first and foremost.

NIPSA members face real issues each and every day in the workplace. NIPSA representatives do their utmost to defend and protect those members. NIPSA Officials and staff go above and beyond their role to serve on behalf of the NIPSA membership.
If we are to remain a strong vibrant fighting trade union, we must recognise the efforts of all. It is incumbent upon us to be a democratic trade union that recognises the efforts of each and every part of the NIPSA family.

Attacks on public sector jobs and services are set to intensify and deepen and no one can deny that NIPSA Members, Representatives and Staff face difficult times ahead. If we are to face these challenges down, it is vital we are an inclusive, united union that recognises the efforts of ALL and put the interests of the NIPSA membership above all else. Anything else serves as a distraction and keeps us from the real arguments to be won and the real battles to be had.

As in the past, I am confident we can make meaningful workplace gains for NIPSA Members if we stand united and stand together as one union.

As the ballot opens, I am respectfully asking that NIPSA members vote for a General Secretary that will unite NIPSA and ensure that we remain the strong, independent and democratic union that we have always been. I am standing as a General Secretary for all NIPSA members and I aim to do exactly that.

Alison Millar

NIPSA Deputy General Secretary

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