More Important Than Syria.....Well..... Not Really!

Sean Mallory looks at the SDLP leadership contest plus matters more porcine. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

The eye of the world’s press has suddenly been refocused away from the dull and verbose meeting of Russia and the USA on trying to agree on just how many refugees to create by thoroughly completing the carpet bombing of Syria.

At the same time they are  retaining each one’s murderous puppet without insulting the other, and towards that central pillar of global political (soaps) machinations – Northern Ireland.

For here be-told, the usually banal SDLP has announced that there is a party leadership challenge to Alasdair McDonnell after all which has set the global political institutions alight with rumour-mongering as to who the challenger is. Even though Alasdair had previously announced that there was not going to be a challenge to his stewardship at this year’s party conference in November. We should have been alerted as to the veracity of this statement when he was quoted as stating:

"I don't expect to face a challenge, but if there's a challenge, I'll face it."

The challenger, a Mr Colum Eastwood from Derry stroke Doire, moving swiftly, has killed all the rumour-mongering by publicly announcing his challenge to Alasdair. All under the guise that he leader of the party should be at Stormont and not Westminster, which is where Alasdair resides politically. Stormont being much more relevant and potent in the political landscape of the UK than Westminster!

Eastwood, received the full backing of SDLP Grandees such as Mallon and Rodgers who in their political careers were every bit as successful as, well as, mmmmm, as Eastwoods fledgling career, were wheeled out of their respective nursing homes and away from their two piece jigsaws of Britain, to offer up their support for that young man to replace that other horrible man. Prior leader Mark Durkin, who isn’t considered a Grandee as he isn’t over the Gregory Campbell euthanasia age of 70 has also given Eastwood his backing.

McDonnell unperturbed by such a challenge and having experienced Mallon’s treachery and deceit before with the Anne’s Law controversy (so did Conal McDevitt, who much to his horror found out just how treacherous some Grandees could be even when they are supposedly senile auld gits and especially your collaborator) has stated that he welcomes such as challenge. Come December, he may be allowed to apply salt to those words to season so as they are more palatable as he consumes them!

Eastwood himself has been called by the Unionist media to explain his role in which he carried the coffin of an INLA member. Re-iterating his answer first given shortly after the funeral took place, that the deceased was a boyhood friend, and although he staunchly shared his political aspirations of a united Ireland he didn’t share his methods in achieving such but then went on to extol how he would make that aspiration an achievable objective. Why he felt there was any need to excuse his behaviour to Unionism in the first place is beyond reasoning, but it is a common trait among so many Nationalist representatives!

Which is something Adams, being in charge of an army and a political party for several decades has yet failed to achieve – a United Ireland that is, not his need to excuse his behaviour for when you are never in the IRA then there is nothing to excuse!

But to be fair, he’s apparently still trying to achieve both!

Unlike his SDLP colleagues who long ago took the Queen’s shilling and dropped the aspiration, Eastwood should take heed of Adams’ reign, which has borne no fruit resembling anything republican whatsoever which is speciously the ethos of his party and realise that the aspiration of a united Ireland is just exactly that, an aspiration.

McDonnell, has also publicly announced his Irish Nationalism by stating what most Nationalists think. Well with the exceptions of SDLP Deputy leader, Dolores Kelly, who also stated that they wouldn’t have been her words of choice – et tu Brute?

Not wishing to undermine the G-factor that such an aspiration can bring amongst Irish Nationalists has in around about way in responding to the disgraceful remarks of Arlene Foster of the DUP of her reference to ‘rogue and renegade nationalist and republican ministers’ by reciting, with his own take on it, the words of that old UUP sectarian racist bigot Basil Stanlake Brooke, 1st Viscount Brookeborough in saying the DUP "don't want a taig about the place".

He repeated that his words were, "said clearly, said intentionally."

Foster responded by stating that she was "hugely disappointed" by Dr McDonnell's use of "pejorative language" and called on him to apologise most likely for usurping her own comments and making her own sectarian racist remarks seem somewhat diluted! "Had any other elected representative used such language they would have stepped forward to apologise." Words that any normal person with morals would have choked on!

Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey also criticised McDonnell for labelling SF as liars and called on him to produce evidence to support his allegations. Maskey goes on to state that McDonnell is a ‘bumbling idiot’ and his accusations are only ‘cheap, political point scoring’ exercises over the murder of K McGuigan. Alec, Nama’s conference call and Martin’s claim to the finance committe of being kept in the dark  ... maybe it wasn’t exactly dark but dim or slightly hazy! When liars defend liars the world becomes somewhat more surreal!

And speaking of which ...

... Meanwhile Cameron having removed his genitalia from his dead piggy friends oral cavity has ventured off to the Caribbean on an official visit to Jamaica. On arrival his itinerary will include a visit to the once slave plantation of his famous slave owning ancestor – General Sir James Duff. A man well compensated for the abolition of slavery which was achieved in Britain not out of anything moral or ethical but due to a change in economic interests, British parliamentary control and lobbying and more significantly slave revolts throughout the Caribbean. Ignoring calls for the British government to apologise and make reparations not only for slavery, but also for over 100 years of racial apartheid imposed upon the freed slaves Cameron’s response was: "I do hope that, as friends who have gone through so much together since those darkest of times, we can move on from this painful legacy and continue to build for the future,". A Statement that amounts to, “sorry about that kick in the ball bag but you did warrant it, now let’s be mates, what do you say, eh?”

Mr J Corbyn though has declared that if he were to win the 2020 general election he would make such a statement of apology..... and make sure the pig receives a dignified burial!

Which coupled with his desire not to incinerate the world by his reluctance to press the nuclear button and his refusal to sing the British National Anthem ( a jolly song about a family and one’s willingness to die or be maimed for this family) has infuriated the right-wing press to label him as a weakling.

To rub salt in Cameron’s wounds it has been reported through leaked documents that those staunch defenders of human rights - Saudi Arabia – were helped by those equally staunch defenders of human rights – Great Britain - to get a UN human rights role through a 'secret deal' to exchange votes.

A voting system where candidates chosen should be based on their human rights record and that those chosen should uphold the highest standards of human rights.

Two requirements that not one owner of a weapons factory seeking sales in Saudi Arabia could genuinely substantiate against the house of Saud!!!!

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  1. "Why he felt there was any need to excuse his behaviour to Unionism in the first place is beyond reasoning, but it is a common trait among so many Nationalist representatives!"

    Scottish nationalists call it the "cringe factor". You can read about it here