Lib Dems Must Publicly Disassociate From al Bander’s Hate Campaign

Nothing Is Sacred maintains the pressure on Cambridge Liberal Democrats to fully investigate the activity of Salah al Bander.

Spencer Hargard, chair of the Cambridge Lib Dems has replied to the request to investigate Salah al Bander’s renewed hate campaign against CEMB co-Spokesperson Nahla Mahmoud saying that al Bander has resigned. Mr Hargard, therefore, states that an investigation is no longer possible.

Interestingly, Salah al Bander is still listed on various Lib Dem websites as a member and also a local campaigner for the area of Trimpington in Cambridge. Furthermore, al Bander still uses his Lib Dem credentials in his hate campaign against Nahla Mahmoud.

In his email, Mr Hagard writes:
You state that you expect the Party to take action against him for his alleged ‘previous bullying, harassment, sexism and hate threats against’ you, whilst he was a member of the party. Unfortunately this cannot be done retrospectively as we only received this complaint against him from you this month, long after he resigned from the Party.
Mr Hagard and the Lib Dems, however, never addressed past complaints even when al Bander was a member.

In November 2013, when Nahla Mahmoud emailed him for a copy of the ‘independent translation’ which Mr Hagard said exonerated al-Bander and even “increased his previous high esteem” for al Bander, she received the following response on 18 November 2013:
With reference to your emails, I enclose a copy of a report from Cambridge Liberal Democrats.

You will see that the matter has been thoroughly investigated, and that the investigation has included independent translation of all the passages in Arabic that have been cited in the allegations against Dr Salah Al Bander.

As a result, we have unequivocally concluded that there is nothing in Dr Al Bander’s behaviour which conflicts with his continuing membership of the Liberal Democrat Party.

Cambridge Liberal Democrats consider this matter closed.

Yours sincerely
Spencer Hagard
Chair, Cambridge Liberal Democrats

The copy of the enclosed report can be found here: SALAH AL BANDER – Response~05Nov13.

Clearly, Cambridge Lib Dems had no intention of properly investigating al Bader’s hate campaign against Nahla Mahmoud even when al Bander was a member.

Since he is no longer a member, we urge the Lib Dems to make this clear, particularly since al Bander claims otherwise in Arabic. At the very least, the party must disassociate itself from al Bander’s continued hate campaign.

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