Dudley Edwards-McKearney Debate A Huge Success And Available Now To View

The 1916 Societies recently hosted a debate between Tommy McKearney And Ruth Dudley Edwards.

The Seán Heuston Society Dublin recently held a successful debate on the 1916 Rising, involving controversial Daily Mail columnist Ruth Dudley Edwards and republican and union activist Tommy McKearney.

There was some fantastic contributions from the audience, which ensured a lively debate ensued. We now have the full debate on YouTube at the following link:

1916 Rising – A good or bad thing for Ireland?


  1. Listening to Ruth Dudley Edwards was like watching paint dry ,if her condemnation of violence was followed through then half or three quarters of this planet would still be under British control and the sun would indeed never set on the empire ,that I think would indeed please that cunt ,

  2. Marty

    your use of hostile and violent language to describe Dudley Edwards undermines completely the point you attempt to make. She was gracious enough to accept the invitation from the 1916 Societies and brave enough to express her opinion. She is worthy of respect for that alone.

    (As the you-tube commentators point out the sound quality is dreadful. It needs an accompanying transcript).

  3. Henry Joy my contempt for that west brit is matched only my hatred of quisling $inn £eind, my opinion still stands, the 1919 societies et all are well aware of that womans opinion who in their right mind would want to listen to her,lifes to short.

  4. Is there no transcript of this available anywhere?

  5. marty

    you're so attached to being right ... a classical example of a closed mind ... a mind closed to an alternative history ... and hence sadly closed to an alternative future.

    Your fixated dogmatism and justifications are little more I guess than vain attempts by you and your likes for consistency and certainty (the fleggers, by the way, are your mirror image). Your crazy and futile attempts afford little possibility for a better future for ourselves, our children and the generations to come.

    Wake up, Irish republicans were sold a pup. The package as presented in 1916 was unrealistic and un-achievable. It wasn't fit for purpose. Collins came to recognise that painful reality, as did Eamon de Valera and so right down the line to Adams.
    We were sold a pup and eventually each and everyone of us have to decide whether we're going to keep the animal and keep feeding it ... and if we do so, at what benefit or cost?

    I suggest Marty you take the cotton wool out of your ears and stick it in your gob for a while!

  6. Without doubt hj you and dudley Edwards sing from the same hymn sheet. Nothing more needs to be said there then. Thatcher wanabees.

  7. Pat

    your religious and ideological certainties lead to the death of thought.

    Ambiguity on the other hand leads to new and novel ideas.

  8. Obviously hj has had some sort of education but unfortunately he or she does not seem to be able to see the wood for the trees. The attitude portrayed by him\her and the likes of that imitation journalist dudley Edwards is laughable in the extreme. Other than by themselves the Brits are hated throughout the world because of their treatment of the people. They are a warmongering race who wrecked every country they ever entered and now on their way to oblivion there are those muppets who would try and justify the deeds they committed. There is no room for ambiguity here. ideas,with all hj's highfiluten talk right is always right. No amount of bullshit will alter this. Try telling those slaughtered and starved millions throughout the world that they should look at things differently, Look at their treatment from another angle. Ambiguity my ass. The psychopathic attitude portrayed by the likes of these two is now thankfully being seen by the peoples of the world more so every day. The world wide Webb has been a godsend. People for too long were kept in the dark and on their knees. And you said my attitude killed thought. As for You my friend you would need to re think some of your outdated ideas,your island is getting smaller by the day.

  9. I thought that both speakers spoke well. Fair play to the Societies for having her there and fair play to RDE for going. Obviously, as a unionist, I thought RDE deserves great credit for so succinctly skewering republicanism. If it was such a great idea for Ireland why has it been such a dismal failure? Republicans don't like hearing this as some of the comments here show. As RDE said yesterday on Twitter, she feels sorry for people who become hysterical when their myths are challenged.

  10. Peter,

    I know and like Ruth regardless of the opinions others have of her. But I think had Israel caused the slaughter at Omagh she would be defending it rather than lambasting it. She, like the hysterical others she refers to, loses all objectivity when it comes to Israeli mass murder. And some of the more salient points she might make against republicanism are brushed aside because of that.

    I did not get to the debate and have been told that the sound quality of the video is below par to the extent that an impatient grumpy being like myself would find it too difficult to listen to. But the reasonable question you ask of republicanism could also be asked of British foreign policy/imperialism.

  11. Pat

    I don't defend the British nor attempt to justify their actions in Ireland or elsewhere. However I am able to place all that in some sort of context (I can see the wood for the trees). The French, the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the Belgians and fcuk knows who else were colonisers too. We weren't the only race on the planet to have been colonised.
    You and your likes though insist on taking it all personally ... so personally that you're unable to place it in any contextual frame other than 'bad bad bwits'. Enduring optimism is admirable to a point but when optimism endures despite all the contrary evidence it all becomes rather juvenile stuff really.

    "For the great Gaels of Ireland
    Are the men that God made MAD
    For all their wars are merry
    And all their songs are sad."

    Chesterton sure got it right.

  12. "...If it was such a great idea for Ireland why has it been such a dismal failure?""

    Explain to me How British Rule has been good to Ireland?.. Ya BIG eejit.
    I expect references to Famines, Penal Laws, Coercion and the Navigtion Acts.
    Please do explain.
    I will be most eager to hear.

    I haven't laughed this hard since you told Sean Bres he was "out of Date" using words like "struggle" and then promptly started rabbiting on about the "commonwealth" as if that isn't a mouldy auld sow. All without pausing for breath. And you tag teamed up with HJ on that occasion. A fine pair.
    The mind truly boggles.
    Is there anyone is unionism who isn't a hypocrite?
    As my mother used to say.
    Never argue with an idiot; People will have difficultly telling the difference.
    I guess I have just breached that.

  13. Ozzy

    get with the programme ... the past is another country.
    In case your in any doubt about current reality (the programme) let me give you a little help.

    The vast majority on the island are pragmatic partitionists.
    We have a significant minority of Unionists.
    And finally a smaller minority of republicans.

    No matter how vociferous the small minority are they're really up against it.

  14. AM
    I can't comment on RDE's views on Israel because that is one conflict I know nothing about. I've never sympathised with either side in that mess so I steer well clear.
    As for the success or otherwise of the British Empire, it had long periods of success but has been in continual decline from its zenith. We can retrospectively judge it on its actions but I see no point, it did some things terribly well and others terribly. I can't and won't defend the British Establishment. Clearly it behaved terribly repeatedly in Ireland, there is no denying that, but extreme catholic nationalism in the guise of Irish republicanism was not the answer (as RDE points out in the video). What has fascinated me in recent years is that both Irish republicanism and British socialism have claimed the high moral ground over the British establishment, their adherents claim to be morally right, yet both have failed utterly to convince people that they will be a better alternative to the status quo. It will be interesting to see if either 'ism' can come up with anything new or whether they will continue to bang the faithful old drum. My guess is the latter.

  15. The current reality is the Brits are still the same.
    They have just realised that 6% of their exports go to the 26 Counties.
    So they sent over their bloodless queen to make some happy noises.

    You can sell your soul to that nonsense.And I will call you out on it all day.
    The new boss is the same as the old.. It's all about the money.
    And there peter goes again.. Ofc the brits were bad..That's why we should keep 'em;..
    I want to hand my passport back.
    As Grouch on here used to say..Maybe there's 500 pple in the entire Ireland worth a damn.
    I am only writing on here to prove to the Norwegiens and the Germans why I can no longer breathe the same air as Touts, sellouts and quislings.. I shouldn't have to put up with it.
    I need political asylum in a Country that is actually worth a damn.

    And as for the past been the past.
    Tell that to Jamacia who at least have the balls to put it up to da Brits
    And tell it to the Worldwide Jewish community.
    At least they made the Germans pay.
    The Paddies like many on here just rolled over and keep tugging the forelock.
    the difference between you and me Henry..Is that you are eating your Shyte Sandwich and calling it Pastrami.I still call it a shit Sandwich.
    And the Jamacians do too.
    Lessons there aplenty.

  16. Ozzy

    you're right of course ... game, set and match to you Sir.
    You are indeed one of the greatest Gales of Ireland.