Crossing The i's And Dotting The t's

Sean Mallory thinks little of the world around him and even less of the GAA's Jarleth Burns. Sean Mallory is  Tyrone republican.

After his slavish accolades of all things Schomberg, Jarleth Burns has continued to extend his obsequious servitude to Unionism by stating that he would, if he had the power to, remove the tricolour from all GAA grounds and ban the singing of Amhrán na bhFiann before kick-off just to accommodate UUP MP Tom Elliot and his brood of bigots. 

Burns, describes himself as being on some form of republican ideological journey – where to is anyone’s guess. And why does he have to take us with him? Currently chairman of the Rules Committee in GAA headquarters at Croke Park and a perceived  prospective future president of the GAA (after these comments a daunting prospect for the future of the GAA!) he went on to state that the chances of it happening wasn’t likely which as it turned out had the effect of nullifying the original object of the interview – pointless really. 

British UUP MP for Fermanagh South Tyrone Tom Elliot welcomed Burns’ comments as progressive but only to a point as he believed that it would generally aid Protestant understanding of the GAA and its cultural ethos. But as always with Unionism more would need to be done by the croppy before they would freely or willingly attend a GAA game. 

With ‘more’ probably being changing all GAA clubs named after republicans to former luminaries of Northern Ireland such as Craig, Carson or even our friend Brooke, raising the Unionist flag of Northern Ireland and singing God Save the Queen when 6 of the 9 counties of Ulster were playing – the other 3 don’t exist in Unionist Ulster. Just as Unionists do now to show parity of esteem towards Nationalists when they, Nationalists, flock to Windsor Park (potential for a name change here!) in their thousands and eagerly wave their Unionist flags and/or Union Jacks and boisterously sing the national anthem of a foreign country to support the ‘norn iron’ team! 

Or as Unionist Lord Laird of the Gibberish Society called for, when the Ireland rugby team played at RavenHill, to sing God Save the Queen to accommodate ‘everyone’ .....a call that was rebuked although diplomatically by management, players and the IRU immediately and translated in to layman’s terms as ‘you can take that idea and work it as far up your bigoted arse as you can get it – no way’.

RTE GAA pundit Joe Brolly rounded on Burns for his incredulous remarks and ended agreeing with Burns that it was highly unlikely to happen and ironically also with Elliot that Unionists like Elliot would never be satisfied with the Gaelic Athletic Association until it was changed to the Gaelic Orange Order!

Up at Stormont, Ms Emma Pengelly, daughter of Noel Little – a Unionist/Loyalist gun runner for Ulster Resistance and a person who was arrested while in the process of committing treason against the British crown by selling state weapons secrets to S Africa – and an organisation publicly supported by Ian Paisley and Peter Robinson up until Little was arrested, came under fire from the Finance Committee for a potential conflict of interest.

The newly appointed DUP MLA and former advisor to Peter Robinson and also newly appointed to the Finance committee investigating the same said Peter Robinson, came under fire. Not for her close relationship with Robinson, but over her husband Richard, now permanent secretary at the Department of Health, who was a senior civil servant at the Department of Finance during discussions over NAMA's northern property portfolio. He was recommended along with Frank Cushnahan, to be appointed to the advisory group by the then finance Minister – Sammy Wilson of the DUP.

Ms Pengelly retorted to SF’s Marty Miller’s suggestion that she should remove herself from the committee because of the potential of a conflict of interest with a declaration of interest because of her husband’s role. Any suggestions of a conflict of interest were wrongly perceived as both she and her husband are professionals. What that translates as is a slap across the mouth for Miller for questioning her integrity. Something that bears questioning when we consider who she advised!

“My view is not in terms of a conflict of interest in terms of our roles. Perhaps it may be perceived but the fact is that there is not."

Which is reminiscent of the DUP’s Arlene Foster’s (now holding the fort at Stormont for the DUP) retort when questioned about NOT declaring a conflict of interest when she supported fracking in Fermanagh. In fact her department at the time granted a licence for shale gas exploration in the area which strangely enough included her husband’s 54 acres! Foster who was involved in discussion of the licence application and fully supported its granting stated that her husband’s 54 acres had no influence in her decision whatsoever!

Her response to such questioning was to rebuke those who questioned her ethics with the plausible but bordering on the idiotic assertion that it was her husband who owned it and not her!!!

Robinson confirmed her rebuke by stating that sacking Arlene for such was totally out of the question as she had no vested interest but it was her husband who had, “but that’s different.”

Likewise Ms Pengelly has been rewarded for her loyalty to Robinson in giving up her advisory post of £90,000 per annum and taking on the MLA role with a golden handshake of £40,000+. And all perfectly acceptable even when the DUP are pushing for Tory cuts to welfare!

Ruth Patterson, once of the DUP, has failed to congratulate Emma on her MLA appointment and returned her new outfit to M&S that she bought for her maiden speech in the Assembly. Unlike at her prior court appearance Poots and Co were nowhere to be seen comforting Ruth’s disappointment. If only her own father had shared a gun running past with Robinson things may have been different.

On a sporting front the vile sectarian filth known as ‘norn iron’, the Orange State, made history by beating a manager-less Greek team that looked as if they arrived here on an inflatable dingy and qualified for Euro 2016 from a highly suspect group that was selected shortly before a certain VP of FIFA retired but not before throwing his voluptuous weight behind one Sepp Blatter. Honour among thieves is not always paid for in watches that is!'

This piece of history warranted several pages of coverage within the Belfast Telegraph while the Free State’s amazing victory over the world champions Germany didn’t. 

As the sectarian and racist crowd drank in the euphoria of qualification they were joined by Carl Frampton and Rory the weasel McIlroy and quite possibly co-joined by the members of the Felons Club in West Belfast too

Across the Irish Sea now heavily radioactivity polluted by Britain, Cameron delivered his much too soon valediction at the annual Tory party convention and thus opening the way for George or Theresa to fill his shoes.

Condemning the Russians for their much more proactive role in Syria, Cameron went on to compare the callous and indifferent bombing sorties carried out by Russia that were in his understanding negatively impacting on an already highly unstable environment and more importantly killing his trained Jihadis. Unlike his bombs which were having a positive impact while exploding and shredding all caught in their path - collateral damage. Russia's response was to simply ignore the irrelevancy of the man and continue on regardless just as Cameron did in Libya!

Meanwhile, Israel continued its murderous neo-nazi campaign against the Palestinians with indiscriminate murder and injury....while some foreign bloke in charge of some institution known as the United Nations quietly and nonchalantly looks on.

So as Jarleth wanders down the path of no return re-embroidering all GAA tops as he goes, as the DUP continue to circle the wagons around their immoral and unethical leader, as Cameron and his miserly, unscrupulous venal and soulless mob continue to tighten the screws even more on their own people, and as Ban ki Moon, a blind, deaf and dumb monkey, continues to dance to the organ grinders tune while Palestine burns, we can lie easy in our beds knowing that America's constitutional right to bear arms is as rock solid as it was the day the first high school killing took place back in 1853:#

November 2, Louisville, Kentucky, Student Matthew Ward took a pistol to school, where he shot the schoolmaster Mr. Butler as revenge for what Ward thought was excessive punishment of his brother the day before. Ward was acquitted.


  1. Sean, you need to calm down son. Your rabid hypocrisy at calling all Northern Ireland football fans as 'vile sectarian and racist' says more about you than it does about them.

    That 'weasel' you refer to, who is a very successful golfer also happens to be Roman Catholic, who's great Uncle Joe was murdered by the UVF in 1972. He can support who he likes and is most welcome back at Windsor any time, as you can see by the welcome those 'vile and sectarian racists' gave him there.

    I also happen to be a 'unionist' but not a loyalist, atheist but formerly a blackmouth now married to a Catholic. A dear friend is Catholic, absolutely Celtic FC daft and a passionate 'Norn Iron' follower.

    Here's the kicker for you Sean, you will find about 90% of those 'vile sectarian racists' actually like to see the Republic win, and if Norn Iron were not in France next year, and the Republic was, you can be damned sure I and them would be keeping an eye on the results for the other team in green.

    It's always the idiot few, isn't it Sean?

  2. 'Sean'

    the GAA is both a sports and cultural phenomenon. As an organic reflection of cultural change Burns's utterances merely reflect that.

    He's way ahead of the majority at this point in time in terms of his thinking but then again leaders generally are.

  3. Steve
    Congratulations for reading the whole article, you clearly have a lot of free time on your hands. I gave up after a couple of paragraphs, judging that life was too short to be wasting time on such pathetic rants, and so missed the 'vile sectarian and racist' remark. Sean clearly believes that there is no sectarianism or racism in the republican community, deluded or what?

  4. From Sean Mallory

    Now that is a claim Steve, 90% indeed!

    The old few rotten apples in the barrel is really an exhausted platitude that just doesn’t wash anymore. As painful as it may be, the orchard is rotten and therefor so is its fruit.

    Showed your comment to a few protestant, unionist and staunch ‘norn iron’ supporters and their response was simply “yeah dead on” especially about your so called Celtic supporting mate!

  5. To use another 'exhausted platitude' you are tarring everyone with the same brush, Sean.

    I could also point out the likelihood of a 'Tyrone Republican' having a 'few protestant, unionist, Norn Iron supporters as acquaintances to show my comment too.

    But I believe you, as I really do have a friend who is that way inclined with his tastes. Come to think of it, I seem to remember a father and son wearing Celtic tops in the Castlereagh area of Belfast many moons ago, and I remember being utterly astonished only to find out that it was a peculiarity in that family that was well known in the neighborhood. Would any other readers remember this?

    And yes, while I obviously have only personal experience to go on, I too would be routing for the Republic's team in France if 'Norn Iron' were not there, and why wouldn't I? I like 'The South'. Dublin is a much loved place for me and the people down there have been nothing but fantastic every time I meet them.

    Your hypocritical bigotry explodes like a fistful of dynamite Sean, eventually you will realise the biggest obstacle to an 'United Ireland' was always the IRA.

    How do you like them apples?

  6. Steve
    You are very generous to Sean. I would have said that the likelihood of him showing your comment to some vile racist, sectarian norn iron supporters that just happen to be acquaintances of his was complete and utter ballix.
    I don't know of these people from Castlereagh but I know of a loyalist from North Down who has been a Celtic and Norn Iron supporter all his life. I guesss he doesn't fit into any of Sean's neatly labelled boxes.

  7. "Your hypocritical bigotry explodes like a fistful of dynamite Sean, eventually you will realise the biggest obstacle to an 'United Ireland' was always the IRA. "
    The Economic Apartheid system that led to mass emigration of Catholics/Nationalists is the reason for the existance of partition.
    Who can forget Unionist pressure to stop Dupont opening a factory in Derry for example.( it failed in that instance)
    Or the creation of a unionist redoubt of Craigavon.
    Unionist muck is all the same..always attack never reflect.
    Wouldn't you two be more happy on Slugger Mac Fool where you could engage in unionist revisionism to your hearts content.
    Yawn!!! to unionist gobshittery.

  8. No,Ozzy, I actually agree with you. The discrimination was appalling and did cause mass emigration.

    And I can understand why that contributed to the rise of the Provos.

    But Britain could never leave 'The Stage' in the face of armed uprising, though clearly they would have dearly loved to. It would have left them wide open for the rest of their colonies to attempt the same.

    I can see why there was felt their was no option but to take up arms, especially after the disastrous late 60's/ early 70's.

    Its achieved none of its Republican aims however, in fact, you have senior Provo's now administering British rule in the 6 counties.

    To be clear, the actions of unionists in the past has been sectarian and appalling, but who among us can claim the moral high ground with all that went on?

    But let's suspend the dogmatic view of our history, lets say I am only a 'unionist' on purely economic terms, can you persuade me that joining a 'United Ireland' is better for my hip pocket?

  9. Steve.I have given some thought to your economic unionism.
    The short answer is I cannot persuade you into a UI.
    But If you live in the rural part of the 6 Counties..then the economic argument is already sealed into a Pro UI position.
    Farmers will do better in a UI and so will their communities.
    Ireland aka Free State is gearing up to almost double (IIRC ) Dairy production to sell powdered milk into China.
    England is as always doing feck all.
    So a win in the UI camp.
    ofc there are Ulcer farmers who care little about this and are NOT economic unionists like yourself.
    A pity for my argument.
    So, that leaves the cities.
    Derry is 90% Nationalist.No argument needs to be made here I think.
    Coleraine isn't and Belfast is slightly 51% Nationalist.
    So How can I persuade these city types of economic benefits of a UI?
    In short I cannot due to the fact that I cannot win over Unionist farmers...even though I am completely 100% right about a UI benefitting them!!!!
    Go figure.
    BTW If the above implies that rural Ireland 26 Counties is having a "good recession" than this is false.
    Public transport has been cut and rural Ireland has experienced bad emigration. So it is no picnic.
    But neither are the Brits doing any better. In fact they are doing worse in terms of agri-business.
    Once the IRA is fully gone the wee 6 will become a Bradford or a Hartlepool or a Bolton...I.e some place which merits zero attention from london and we will have to re visit the "economic Benefits" of unionism at that time.
    My argument is that the status quo won't last and the pound in your pocket will be getting you less and you will have less of them in time.
    If only the IRA would disband this will accelerate this process.
    Heck until 5 years or so ago the Brits neglected Birmingham which is their second largest city..What chance Belfast????
    Normality puts Belfast in the Third division for attention probably even under Hartlepool.
    And when have you heard of THAT place in the news???
    In summation then.
    I need 50% +1 for a UI.
    If the farmers were "economic Unionist" I would already have the Rural vote sown up.
    Then I would sweep Derry and Belfast would be 50/50.
    The only question than remains is would this be enough to swing the vote?
    I estimate that it might.

  10. Thanks Ozzy, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    And again I agree with you.

    But maybe that's how to get a UI if that's your goal, persuade the majority of people in the North that they would be better off a 'one nation' island.

    You mention the rural communities, I would suggest that some Provisionals are doing very well out of keeping the border just as it is at the minute.

    Do you think they could be persuaded?

    (Ok that last bit was slightly tongue in cheek)