A War Crime Beyond Doubt

Daniel Bradley asserts that the British government should be brought to account for war crimes. Daniel Bradley's brother was killed by British troops during Operation Motorman.

Should the British government be held accountable for war crimes?

The answer is Yes.

The British government would tell you that there is no evidence for such an allegation, but I can assure you that there is, and evidence beyond doubt.

Specific evidence that I hold in my possession would be the secret meeting that was held on the 10th July 1972 at which minutes were taken and "article J" of those minutes proves beyond doubt:

The army should not be inhibited in it's campaign by the threat of court proceedings and therefore should be suitably indemnified.

Therefore they went beyond the law and gave orders to the soldiers that to do what they will with no fear of repercussions.

I am also aware that there was a meeting with Frank Lagan and the army who told Frank Lagan that they had intelligence from the Provisional IRA and the Official IRA that they were going to attack the army that day. So special forces of the SAS plus the paratroopers were put in. 

Frank Lagan decided to communicate with SDLP and other community workers, asking them to get in touch with Martin McGuinness and other members of the Republican Movement to call off their attack. The Provisional IRA agreed to do this and told their men to stand down.

And I am also aware that army intelligence knew that they were standing down but they decided to attack innocent people and deliberately shoot them down and then claim "gunmen".

4O years on David Cameron apologises to the people of Derry City. My question would be why was the British government at that time not taken up for war crimes? Even though it is now 43 years on we can still challenge this as war crimes in reference to "article J" because of the British government apologising, acknowledging their wrong.

David Cameron had to have read the army intelligence report concerning Bloody Sunday.

I speak for all the victims who were killed by the British army, young Manus Deery et al, who were innocently shot down. I believe that all these are all war crimes, because under article J the British government spelt it out bluntly at that secret meeting and those words are evidence for all those who were shot down. As the RUC were not allowed to investigate any of these shootings and because of this it makes these crimes "war crimes."

Martin McGuinness has already told us that he was second in command on Bloody Sunday so we have no doubts there.

So therefore ask him this: did someone from the SDLP speak to him that Sunday morning about the soldiers going to attack, the shooting that was going to happen on Bloody Sunday?

He was also informed that army intelligence knew that there were going to be up to 60 gunmen taking up positions to attack the army. The gunmen’s positions were to be Glenfada Park and Abbey Park, and the rioters were to bring the soldiers in to that area. 

But that day Martin Mc Guinness and another officer from the IRA went up Eastway Road where a lorry full of gunmen were parked outside Malins shop, about forty men all armed. This was about twelve o clock and they were told to stand down. These positions Glenfada Park and Abbey Park were the only places where the gunmen could have attacked and got away. The army were well aware that the Republican Movement had stood down, but the army decided to go ahead and shoot innocent people.

Which makes this a war crime beyond doubt.

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