Sabotage Via Provocation

Via the IRPWA a statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners ~ 16/09/15.
Statement – Sabotage via Provocation – 16/09/15
Imprisoned In Maghaberry

Over the last number of months Republican Prisoners have been working and liaising closely with a number of bodies in an effort to progress the core issues effecting us in Maghaberry Jail.  The securocrats and bigots of MI5/NIO and the DUP/POA have responded to these efforts with their tried and tested methods of sabotage via provocation. 

This methodology has been seen repeatedly during the Steele review of 2003 and the subsequent establishment of the Republican Wing in 2004, again during the August 2010 Agreement and most recently during the 2014 Stocktake.  The Jail have provoked tension; contrived alarm situations; issued false charges alleging threats and then used these falsified charges as a pretext for impending progress.

At the end of 2014 through to the beginning of this year during the Stocktake and its failed implementation, Republican Prisoners highlighted the sustained efforts of the Jail to subvert progress.  This included the further closing down of already restricted living space via the closing of a stair grill and the building of a steel bird cage structure to hem us in.  To justify all of this there was an aggressive raid on the Republican Wing by the notorious Jail Riot Squad; a violent assault on a Republican Prisoner; falsified charges both within the Jail and in conjunction with the PSNI amid claims of threats peddled by the DUP and carried by their Belfast Telegraph PR machine.

Within the last few months we have seen our movement and living space further restricted via the closing of a kitchen hatch which was followed by an all too familiar aggressive raid on the Republican Wing by the Jail Riot Squad; 2 Republican Prisoners assaulted and forcibly extracted from their cells with one of them dragged to the boards and forcibly strip searched, simply to intimidate; countless petty charges have again been laid along with the Jail repeating their threats, orchestration and intimidation mantra within these charges.  All the usual pawns have once again been put in place by Security Governors, directed by MI5, to claim they cannot move or progress.

We wish to make it clear to all concerned bodies that these falsified threats are simply the Jail’s well tested means to lay the grounds to halt progress.  Intimidation and provocation will not dissuade Republican Prisoners from tackling the failed policies of degradation and criminalisation.  The Security cabal which has held disproportionate sway over events in Maghaberry Jail and the lives of Republican Prisoners must realise that the ending of controlled movement and of the other core issues is inevitable. 

Trying to stem the flow of progress, whether through contrived charges or physical abuse, will always be met head on.

Republican Political Prisoners
Roe 4

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