‘Hooded Men’ Send Thanks To Organisers Of Successful Talk In Monaghan

Hooded Men case co-ordinator Jim McIlmurray thanks the 1916 Societies for hosting an event in aid of their campaign for justice.

On behalf of the Hooded Men, Monsignor Raymond Murray and our solicitor Darragh Mackin, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to members of the James Connolly Society Monaghan for hosting a very successful evening in the Teach Na nDaoine Family Resource Centre, Mullaghmatt, Monaghan last night, Saturday the 22nd August.

The event was organised to relaunch the book ‘The Hooded Men’, which has been reprinted to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of Sean McKenna, one of the Hooded Men, who died in 1975, aged 45. The book was first published in 1974 by Raymond Murray and Fr Denis Faul. The book itself has proven to be very popular and original copies are almost impossible to obtain now.

As we head towards the European Courts we are finding more people want information and I consider this book to be an authority. Last night’s allocation of the limited edition copies sold quickly, we are currently organising a second event, and details will be published later. The re-issue of the book was the idea of Tyrone republican and historian Joe Bell, to who we wish to express our gratitude.


  1. Nuala and the women of the Anne Devlin Society in Belfast are organising another night pretty much as this, with a further re-print and with Daragh Mackin and Raymond Murray heading up a discussion on the case. Should be a full article forthcoming shortly but just so ye's know

  2. Yes Sean, there will be a full article with Jim Mc Ilmurray's and of course Anthony's permission...I'll go ahead and give it a wee plug anyway.
    On September 30th the Anne Devlin 1916 Society will be hosting a talk on the hooded men and the relaunch of the book, 'The Hooded Men' about British Torture in Ireland, first printed in July, 1974. The talk will take place in the Red Devil Bar Falls Road. And of course all welcome.

  3. Good stuff Nuala, we hope to be there

  4. Nuala,

    we don't do permission here LOL

    It goes without saying we will carry it

  5. Sean,
    It will great to see you.

    Mackers....indeed you do and it's appreciated.