Here's The Rub

Marty Flynn sees little for victims to be happy about in the latest proposal for addressing the North's past. Marty Flynn is a TPQ regular.

In the search for truth and justice here the proposed "killers amnesty" is nothing more than just that. The £150 mill project is a nightmare heading down the tracks for all those who are seeking truth and justice for loved ones and relatives killed during the "troubles".

On the other hand, it must be like Christmas come early for those guilty of murder and war crimes. I would have thought that those who are proposing this farce would have at least made an attempt to distinguish between those killed as innocent victims and those killed as either participants i.e. Crown forces, their agents, or republicans. In among that list we have people murdered by the state and its agents in what can only be described as criminality ~ Raymond Mc Cord jnr, the Quinn lad in Armagh, Robert McCartney, Manus Deery, Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, etc. Republicans have war crimes such as Kingmills and the Disappeared to answer for.

We need a clear definition of victim here, not the one size fits all shit that's being pushed at us just to allow scumbags to walk free.  C'mere, wait until you read this .... in the proposed "killers amnesty" ex-combatants will give their detailed accounts to a panel of "academics"(LMFAO) and with a newly cleaned record (Shankill Butcher living next door anyone?). Killers and former combatants will be able to apply for jobs that they were previously barred from.

Now here's the rub! Can anyone tell me how many ex-security forces including SB and RUC were ever barred from any job? As a matter of fact didn't most of them get promoted or rehired FFS?

The only benefit for republicans is that there are no fucking jobs.  Oh yeah, you can apply for a visa to America ..... you can apply!!!!!

What a fucking farce ...


  1. Marty

    it'd be handy if we had a link to see which proposals you write of and write off.

  2. Frankie a cara the best that I can do for you at the moment is to recommend You go to Pauline Mellons blog The Dairy of a Derry mother and go to her post all along the watchtower and click on the internal links there hope this is is of some help

  3. Sorry Henry Joy working of a phone at the moment and couldn't see your name apologies

  4. Henry Joy here is a possible scenario that could well happen in this new £150 mill farce dealing with the past that which we have called "a killers amnesty"
    Billy Smith arrives at the required location , he is greeted by the "academics" who will record his testimony, and after a little chit chat it begins ,
    My name is Billy Smith 64 years old I joined the UVF in 1973 ,in 1975 I was caught with a weapon in a stolen car the SB got me of all charges provided I worked for them.I did this until 1990 when the told me to join the LVF ,I was then involved in the murder of the Maguire family, we were supplied weapons by a member of the RUC and driven to the house in a car belonging to a member of UDR allegedly stolen the area was cleared ie no road checkpoints etc by the RUC and UDR after the murders we went to the home of a local politician were we washed and changed clothes the weapons were taken away by a female member of the UDR , So Billy has his past cleared and away he goes to get on with his life ,the Maguire family hear nothing of this nor do they get any closure other than be told the case is now closed, those involved in loglistic support of this operation well who knows ,that is what makes this farce a complete waste of money and time other than fufil the Brits responsibility to the UN

  5. Marty on the hoof so I'll be brief.
    I don't want to diminish the legitimacy of the hurts and griefs still felt but this historic stuff is never going to get sorted to everyone's satisfaction. Its never going to be all wrapped up with pretty ribbons and bows.
    For the over-ridding majority of those not immediately touched directly forgetting will tend to be the most likely and adaptive response.

  6. Henry Joy no conflict is ever ended to everones satisfaction, but in the limbo state of affairs we find ourselves in everyone needs or at least deserves answers that are factual, pretty ribbons and bows not reqd, truth if not justice is a must, that old saying we need to lay the past to rest satisfactorily or we surely will be doomed to repeat it will as sure as theres shit on Adams shirttail will come back to haunt all

  7. Now's a good time for alternative suggestions on dealing with the past. The OP dismisses the current kite-in-flight, but it needs to be met with other suggestions rather than just dismissal.

    And I don't mean suggestions like, "Let's have the Brits in court with the files on display, but our boys are forbidden from speaking about their activities".

    I'm on record since 1994 in suggesting a full amnesty for all Troubles-related offences. With an admission that we all got it wrong to a significant degree and we are glad to have come to a peaceable alternative means of living together.

    But I'm up for other suggestions. How about a cross-community tribunal of people of undoubted integrity, who would have full access to all the intelligence files and involved State officials, and given access to the agents and informers in confidence? The tribunal could probe the cause of every murder and significant injury, and have power to question all who are named as participants in the offences. Amnesty or pardons for all who co-operate.

    Better ideas?

  8. Wolfsbane while I can see flaws with your suggestion at least it's a reasonable effort much more user friendly than the SHIT those fuckers in the dup and quisling $inn £end are trying to impose on us through their killers amnesty.I agree that the final version of any settlement of our troubled past must be all inclusive I think the whole community needs to be consulted with in an open and honest manner not imposed upon your proposition is worthy of at least discussing

  9. Marty/Wolfsbane

    My understanding from Kate Nash and others comments is that they were not looking for anything more complex than to have been treated with courtesy, or to use that awful formula, to be treated with 'parity of esteem'.