Euros Please

Sean Mallory with a take on what the leadership change in the British Labour Party might mean for the North of Ireland. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

Last week while the Storey business was going on, a Mr J Corbyn was elected leader of the British Labour Party which must cause Ms Ritchie of the SDLP much consternation as her brother in arms is getting uncomfortably close. 

Corbyn moving quickly appointed John McDonnell as his Shadow Chancellor – a man who thinks highly of Bobby Sands – and replaced Lewis, the shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland, with Vernon Coaker. Apparently Lewis was just too cosy to certain people of a political persuasion that didn’t enlighten him to Corbyn. Mike Nesbitt didn’t even have time to say goodbye! 

Eilis O’Hanlon, another journalist, I think this one is real, but also with a bee in their bonnet over SF, has continued her unabated personal crusade against all things Sinn Fein. She has rounded on Corbyn and some members of his new shadow cabinet and their support of all things IRA, to denounce them as deluded old lefties whose current political views were germinated while under the influence of alcohol in various student union bars in Britain during the 80’s; people who have failed to comprehend the pain and suffering inflicted on British citizens in Ireland by the IRA ......

..... Actually as are the thoughts of most of today’s politicos germinated! Such as Cameron and his support of Apartheid which was most likely nurtured during his days at the vulgar Bullingdon Club.  Or even Paisley and Robinson’s Ulster Resistance/Third Force paramilitary organisation’s participation in the illegal importing of guns from South Africa during Apartheid in the 80’s but in this case all done in sobriety!

But what Nesbitt did spot is that the DUP threat of returning to Direct Rule for 10 years is in serious jeopardy now that Corbyn has been elected as Labour leader. Nesbitt has called for an immediate meeting with Corbyn to discuss what he, Corbyn, has in mind for the British State of Northern Ireland – Corbyn’s choice of shadow cabinet should have clarified that one Mike!

Corbyn, a long time Troops Out supporter and a threat to British national security as tweeted by Cameron, a remark of an opposition leader, that should immediately have called for Cameron’s resignation but didn’t and doesn’t bode well for Corbyn, has made it no secret that he, Corbyn, prioritises the unification of Ireland.

Should his success spill over to the British general election then woe betide to Unionism. British governments who have previously held slender majorities have all called early elections, usually around the 3 year mark of their term in office. 

But, realistically, when a British Prime Minister can make remarks such as that above about the leader of the opposition and feel no backlash for making such, the British Establishment will have crucified Corbyn and his looney IRA supporting lefties by the next British general election and most likely with help from within the Labour Party.

And so, the Norn Iron soccer team and their sectarian racist supporters may make the most of their chances of qualifying to France next year for it maybe the very last Euro’s that they will participate in as ‘our wee country’.

And speaking of Euros, the centenary British celebrations of their State called Northern Ireland may not materialise after all which would save the public purse a few Euros ... well it certainly won’t be pounds!

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