Demand Justice For Manus Deery


  1. I had never heard of Maunus Deery until today.

    “Manus was an innocent child whose young life was brutally taken from him. He did nothing wrong. He wasn’t — as the British Army initially claimed — a gunman. He wasn’t rioting. He was eating a bag of chips and chatting to friends when a soldier opened fire on him."

    And today I was reading about Bernard Teggart. Whos father, Daniel Teggart (44), was shot fourteen times. Most of the bullets entered his back, allegedly as he lay injured on the ground in what is known as The Ballymurphy Massacre

    "Bernard Teggart was 15 when he and his identical twin brother Gerard were abducted by from St Patrick's Training School in west Belfast by an IRA gang.Gerard was freed but Bernard, with a mental age of about eight, was killed."

    Personally I don't see much if any difference between the British Army shooting dead a 15 yr old on the streets of Derry and the Provisionals shooting dead a 15 yr old with the mental age of an 8 yr old...

  2. Frankie, my thoughts exactly. I hope Mackers wont shy away from this development about PIRA killing this child Teggart and will pen an article outlining his thoughts on it. I'd like to hear what he thought about these type of actions at the time and if any distain was shown by volunteers toward the sanctioning of such vile abuses.

  3. Emmett,

    why wait on some one else writing about it, you have a computer look up the info and write about it.