Criminalisation – A Failed Policy Of The Past

An IRPWA statement on the situation in Maghaberry Prion ~ 21/09/15.

The IRPWA have been informed today, 21st September 2015, that the Maghaberry Jail Administration have imposed 5 days on the boards on Roe 4 Republican Prisoner, Nathan Hastings. 

Criminalisation – A Failed Policy Of The Past 21/09/15
NIO Permanent Secretary Jonathan Stephens,

This was at the conclusion of a so called adjudication process that the Prisoner Ombudsman has previously described as “flawed”.  His “offence” was to have refused an order to move from his cell on Roe 3 landing on the night of the 20th August 2015.

On this occasion he and fellow Republican Prisoner Conal Corbett were attacked by the notorious Riot Squad and dragged from their cells; while Conal was forced into a bare cell on Roe 4 landing, Nathan was taken to the boards where he was subject to a forced strip search and held for 24 hours on the orders of the Security Governor, David Savage.

This most recent attack on Republican Prisoners is but the latest such action to occur since the installation of “National Security” Governor Phil Wragg.  Under Wragg’s tutelage the tentacles of the reactionary Security Department have spread to all aspects of the Jail Administration.  Governors such as David Kennedy, key to the MI5 isolation policy, that is overseen by NIO Permanent Secretary Jonathan Stephens, has been promoted to “Functional Head 3 “. Pat Gray, also of the Security Department has been elevated to Wragg’s No 2 Governor.

The outworking of their reactionary loyalist policies has seen ever more blatant efforts to provoke and degrade Republican Prisoners.  In the case of Nathan Hastings the so called adjudication was overseen by Governor Andrew Tosh, who himself fabricated a conflict situation together with Governor David Savage the previous week, which he used to bring the notorious Riot Squad to Roe 4 before having Nathan charged for supposedly saying “ button your lip”.

The IRPWA strongly condemn today’s action by the Maghaberry Administration. Republican Prisoners are being brutalised at the behest of the British Government in pursuance of its criminalisation policy; a failed policy of the past doomed to fail yet again. All attempts to quell Republican resistance within the prisons will flounder on the walls of those same prisons just as they did on the walls of Long Kesh, Crumlin Road and Armagh gaols.

The IRPWA call for an end to such attacks on Republican Prisoners! Join with us today in our fight against these policies of the present!

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