Byrani Aside

Sean Mallory does not recommend viewing the political theatre on the North. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

Away from Namagate, the rest of the world, once perilously close to stopping on the breaking news of possible fraud and corruption within the NAMA property deal, continued to spin irrespectively. News that took the world by complete surprise yet the public of ‘norn iron’ found not one bit surprising when they heard who was involved.

Cameron not the slightest bit concerned by the crumbling of the Stormont institutions demanded they sort it out themselves which should have earned the response that that is exactly what the problem is and why they have come to you, they can’t!

Foster, while holding the reins at Stormont has co-joined her colleagues in demanding that the British government commit an international illegal crime and distribute monies stolen from the British government’s once friend, Gaddafi, to those Unionist victims of IRA violence who used weapons supplied by Gaddafi to inflict injuries upon her claimants.

A call that has been rejected due to the legal implications of complying with such but quite plausibly more to do with the repercussions against the British establishment by the relatives of the victims of those murdered by British weaponry, if it were to succeed. Yet Foster and her colleagues see no issue with breaking the law when it comes to their needs and demands yet denounce all those as thugs who stand against the PSNI when Orange marches are being forced through their streets.

Leaving his minion Villiers to sort this one out and agreeing to another form of IMC to oversee the final disbandment of the Provisional IRA again and turning his head towards the more impressing matter, not of the refugees. For when your right-wing colleagues describe such people as a ‘horde’ then one can surely determine where exactly they lie on the scale of important humane issues.

But more to the matter of a book written by an old comrade with ethics and morals as low as his own.

During an initiation ceremony to another much more obscure fraternity than the Bullingdon Club, details have emerged of his sexual conquests and exploits with a dead pig. One can only wonder at how he managed to talk the dead pig in to going home with him ... now that is PR at its best!!!!

Cameron denied all, claiming that it’s all the wild imaginations of a disgruntled old tax avoiding friend and a claim made just as a cock crowed for the third time .... lucky for the cockerel that Cameron preferred four legs to two! 

So, just like Robinson and the DUP and their response of pantomime to Jamie Bryson, we have Cameron and Conservatives and their response to Lord Ashcroft’s book. 

Nonetheless, it has proved embarrassing to all concerned and considering that Britain’s government is now in the hands of man who allegedly performed an act that borders on bestiality, is the leader of the opposition in House of Commons, J Corbyn, described by Cameron as a threat to national security, a better choice or is it a case of better the devil you know.

And speaking of Corbyn, former Ulster Unionist Leader Tom Elliot has concluded that he, Corbyn, is out of touch with his party on declaring that he is still in favour of a United Ireland. For when after speaking with Vernon Coaker he was of the impression that Labour was still in favour of only supporting a United Ireland only, and only when, Elliot and his colleagues decide so.

Steve Moore, a Unionist from outside Rathcoole now residing in England for many years and unwarily thrown in to the spotlight for his tweeting blog on J Corbyn’s and certain members of his shadow cabinet and their support of all things IRA, has been ‘unexpectedly’ allowed a centre page spread in the Belfast Telegraph 23/09/15, to express his views that Corbyn’s and his colleagues support to Irish republicanism are downright disgusting .... .and so the destruction of the man Corbyn continues.

The Shankill Road Defenders flute band (a name n itself that instils parity of esteem) were invited to play at Culture night Belfast and took to the stage to alert the public to the plight of Unionist/loyalist culture that is being undermined by the denial of their God given right to march and dance on any Catholic when and where ever they wish. The Belfast Telegraph helped to underpin the seriousness of the state of Unionist / loyalist culture by highlighting the bands ethos of anti-racism and sectarianism - except where Catholics and Irish people are concerned!

And to cap it all Dublin beat Kerry in an All-Ireland final that was played in the most atrocious weather conditions as repeatedly announced by commentators and pundits alike and which led to a match that lacked so much football skill that it would be best forgotten about altogether. Conditions that are quite often repeated all over Ireland and which most GAA matches are played in. Nonetheless, puke football and all, and much adverse to this Ranter's gut feeling - well done Dublin, the lesser of the two evils of GAA!!!!

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