2015 Hunger Strike Commemoration In Glasnevin A Resounding Success

The 1916 Societies report on a recent hunger strike commemoration.

On Saturday 29th of August, the 1916 Societies held our much anticipated National Hungerstrike Commemoration in Dublin. Societies, Republicans, community groups and locals gathered at the GPO to march to Glasnevin Cemetery, to the graveside of IRA Hungerstriker Thomas Ashe, who died after five days on hunger-strike due to force-feeding.

The march was led by a Colour Party and lone-piper, with placards bearing the image of Ireland’s twenty-two Hungerstrikers coming in behind. Travelling around the north inner city, the hundreds in attendance made their way to the hallowed ground of Glasnevin and the Republican Plot therein.

Proceedings began with a reading of the Proclamation, by our National Organiser Pól Scannell, followed by a speech by Maura Harrington of ‘Shell To Sea’, telling those in attendance that we must not forget the sacrifice of these young men and how important it is for the Irish people to reclaim our natural resources from the hands of British and EU imperialists.

Then Maire ui Mhaolain sang a brilliant rendition of ‘90 miles from Dublin’, with Mark O’Reilly of the Brugha/Barry Society following that with a reading of the Hungerstrike Roll of Honour, in turn followed by the laying of wreaths and a lowering of Flags. A minutes silence was then held in honour of our patriot dead.

The main oration was given by ex-Armagh Gaol republican prisoner Mageretta Darcy, widely known for protesting the Dublin Government’s wilful connivance with the US war machine at Shannon Airport, who spoke on the need for the people of Ireland to stand up to the Free State establishment and its allies, to ensure Ireland not be made use of as a training ground for the armies of Western terrorism.

The ceremony concluded with a rendition of Amhrán na bhFiann, on the tin whistle by 8 year old Amy Loughney, before the march re-assembled, make its way back to the city centre and the planned water protest at the GPO that afternoon.

Meeting the protesters at Heuston Station, our Colour Party and banner proudly led tens of thousands onto O’Connell Street in Dublin, in protest against yet another odious charge by the Dublin Government on behalf of their imperial masters. A proud moment in the short-lived history of our emergent movement and well done to those concerned. Onwards to the Sovereign Republic.

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