Undefeated … You Keep Using That Word

Pete Trumbore looks quizzically at Gerry Adams claiming the Provisional IRA was not defeated. Professor Peter Trumbore blogs @ Observations / Research / Diversions.
Seanna Walsh reads the Provisional IRA statement announcing an end to its armed campaign, July 28, 2005.

On Tuesday, ten years to the day after the IRA formally declared an end to its armed campaign against British rule in Northern Ireland, ordering its units to dump weapons and its members to stand down, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams released a statement in which he again declared:

The reality is that the IRA was never defeated and that again and again it was Irish republicans, including the IRA leadership, which took bold steps to bolster the peace process and to maintain positive political momentum.

On Wednesday, ten years and a day after the IRA formally declared an end to its armed campaign, British soldiers, alongside members of the police, searched homes in Derry as part of an investigation into violent dissident Republican activity.  PSNI Chief Inspector Tony Callaghan said:

There were no arrests – however, a number of items were taken away for further examination. … Due to the suspected presence of munitions or explosives, military specialists were deployed in support of police.

Independent Derry councillor Dermot Quigley told the Belfast Telegraph:

People are disgusted to see the British Army back on the streets of Galliagh and they are livid at the aggressive and hostile response by the police, which flies in the face of the peace process.

British soldiers searching the homes of Irish Republicans. It’s a funny way to mark a decade of victory.


  1. UNDEAFEATED....Gerry Itwasntme,s buzzword meaning secret surrender for the eejits that hang on to his coat tails, the bitter pill was softened by nice big houses and community jobs ask Bob Doh Brains or P o Neill aka Seannabroy Walsh,the sticks couldnt walk down the streets in the 70,s without "they sold their souls for bags of gold and legs of hairy bacon" being shouted at them how todays ceasefire hero,s can walk down the same streets without taking a "reddner" as we say shows the arrogance of the same bastards,how do those who stood in Paddy Devlins front garden in the 70,s and intimidated a decent man from his home because he had the temerity to take a seat in Stormont , now the same bastards and their families are making a cozy living out of doing just the same and unlike Paddy they dont give a fuck about the people. UNDEAFEATED !!!Screwed fucking stupid is more an apt description,,,

  2. When surveys ask if Elvis is alive, "Yes" regularly polls between 7-15 %.

    He may of presided over a truimph of ambiguity,but I dont believe Adams believes they were undefeated in the military sense. Im surprised people expect him to say anything else.

  3. How does Gerry Itwasntme know ? he wasnt in the ra.

  4. It was a stalemate. The IRA remained capable of lobbing over a big one on British shores.
    Which succeeded in scaring the Halifax bank, Tiny Rowland and the German Deutsche Bank which refused to set up shop in London while the PIRA were in existance.

    Tiny Rowland had a word in John Major's ear..being a rich guy they listened to him.
    P>S Margaret Thatcher wanted to defeat and marginalise SF...She didn't want to talk to them ( at least not in the open)
    The Brits failed..The offical Brit Army report into "operation banner" makes the same point re, Stalemate.

  5. Ozzy the brits retained their weapons and their hold on norn iorn, I think Kitsons plan was a complete success,he turned the poachers into gamekeepers, is Gerry Itwasntme not a baliff of the manor of Northstead.

  6. Ozzy the brits retained their weapons and their hold on norn iorn, I think Kitsons plan was a complete success,

  7. Ozzy, only a narrow reading of the conflict leads to a stalemate conclusion. The British Army were an obstacle to the IRA’s primary objectives (a United Ireland), similarly the IRA were an obstacle to the British Army primary objectives (maintenence of the Union). The IRA didnt achieve any of their pre-GFA stated objectives . There was no yeilding on the British part of their objectives, how they best navigated the IRA obstacle is feild craft, not stalemate. Sinn Fein have retrospectively altered the war aims to make stalemate appear plausible too, leadership has become a euphemism for lying.

  8. Ozzy
    "Stalemate" was the word used and the Shinners had their "victory" parade but it was all optics to allow Adams to deliver the surrender without too much trouble. The rump were neutered at Omagh. All this happened 20 years ago, Ozzy. You should try to accept the reality of the situation and move on.

  9. Wow..There is a lot there to deal with..So I hope I answered those points under the Ed Moloney piece.
    Though it is strange that you have the British right wing press and the NEW IRA needing to believe in the same narrative.
    That alone says something.