Tall Storey – “The Lying, The Which And The Probe”

Sean Mallory looks at the fall out from the killing of Kevin McGuigan earlier this month.  Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

Who shot JR?  Many years ago that was a popular question about a TV character in the much lauded TV soap, Dallas.  The hysteria surrounding the answer to this question consumed the Irish and British peoples so much so that some even had car bumper or windscreen stickers claiming they did it .... but it was all make believe ...TV stuff.

Unfortunately, McGuigan’s and Davison’s deaths haven’t gripped the nations in such an enthusiastic manner and there are no car bumper or windscreen stickers claiming the occupants are culpable, for obvious reasons! 

Although, if that were to have happened, it would have protected the PSNI investigation from quite a bit of public Unionist acrimony, directed more not at their revelations but at their candid admissions about PIRA.

But the initial raising of the question of just who is responsible for each of their respective deaths and the much published furore of the actions that will befall SF if the Provos are found to be involved - much of this furore having no legal standing whatsoever and could be best described as nothing more that hot air – has ironically been replaced with incredulity at, and refocused the public’s attention away from murder and culpability to the very well-publicised and shocking discovery that the British establishment, including Her security forces, were fully aware that PIRA still exists. And contrary to the popular Unionist pretence of ignorance about this revelation just as they were about the OTR letters - naivety and gullibility would be better suited if their feigning of shock and disbelief were to be true - it hasn’t actually gone away. And even more stomach churning and throat gagging to Unionism is that PIRA is being portrayed as a necessary evil for the peace process to retain its international image of success. 

While the only group denying its existence are in fact PIRA’s actual members some can’t grasp Unionism’s shock and anger at this revelation as it has been known for years and also quite well documented.   The British and their security forces have been accused of an attempt to cover up or rather lessen the role of PIRA in McGuigan’s murder and  - who it seems we can now take for granted - that he in turn murdered Davison. That particular investigation, it would seem, has been resolved by PIRA for the PSNI and thus exemplifying the community working in conjunction with the police and not as stated, working contrary to policing practices!  So, unlike Donald Trump’s Watergate on his head, we can all rest easy with assurances from Adams, Hamilton and Villiers that there is no actual ‘gate’ of any kind to be slammed in our faces.   

 Unionism has howled disbelief at this matter-of-fact unveiling, first by the PSNI and secondly and in support of, by the British Secretary of State to Northern Ireland – Ms Villiers.  

P Robinson, as First Minister of Stormont, has alluded to SF being expelled from the Stormont Executive if it is found to be true and has once again announced to the public that Stormont is teetering on the edge of the abyss.  Here we go again!  Some chance of the gravy train derailing!

What P Robinson has failed to mention is that according to the various agreements he signed the DUP up to, he has no legal authority whatsoever to expel SF.

M McGuinness and he, although holding different titles of Ministers at Stormont, actually hold the same office and all its powers.  So in fact, it would be a case of:

“You’re expelled”,

“No, you are”

“No, you are, as I said it first.”

And so it would run.  To overcome this he has sought meetings with the other political parties in an illegal attempt to garner support for a Stormont without SF – same conclusion.  What he and all Unionism don’t seem to have fully grasped is that PIRA exists, which in its own, should be confirmation enough to call for a walk-out but maybe there has been too many shocks recently that they’re quite willing, like the PSNI, to forego this ‘existence’ but not its actions...who knows? 

Jeffery Donaldson and Ian Paisley Jr, have also cried foul and demanded that SF be excluded from the Executive and if this is not possible that Unionism should walk out and collapse Stormont and all its institutions rather than sit in an assembly with murderers – Stormont that is, not Westminster. Although sometimes it hard to distinguish the difference between locations of where murderers sit!  Speaking of which, over the past 20 years the British House of Commons does seem to have a pretty good head start on PIRA where bloodshed is concerned.   

In fact Donaldson can rest assured that his brother who drove around Iraq, in an illegal war at the behest of Margaret Ritchie’s sister party leader - Blair, in his tank inflicting severe injury and death on all those who stood in his way, will remain free from prosecution of crimes against humanity because those who determine what murder is, sit in the House of Commons beside the said Jeffery! 

Some within the DUP have expressed support for such calls, mainly those not sitting in Stormont but the DUP Westminster MPs. While the others within the DUP who do sit at Stormont have quietly called this policy in to question as even more worrisome to them than a cut in their salaries from a walk-out, is the odious notion of having no access to their expense accounts! 

Money is money and as in the past the DUP are not going too intentionally, if they can help it, derail any gravy train. 

Perhaps if Junior and the rest of the Westminster bunch were to resign their seats en masse in conjunction with en masse resignation demands by him and others of DUP Stormont MLAs, this would show party unity and send a more profound signal to Cameron of the gravity of the situation.   

But then again, as the first pig splattered on the rocks below the other pigs were quick to realise that those floppy pieces of flesh on their heads were in fact ears and not wings as first believed and after a relatively short debate came to the conclusion that maybe they couldn’t fly after all! 

The UUP have followed suite on hearing the appalling news that PIRA exists and that this revelation has been further made unpalatable by the PSNI’s blasé acknowledgement of such.  M Nesbitt has ordered a gag placed on all party members so as no-one individual is allowed to express a difference of opinion to that of the Party’s official stance.  Adaptation of party tactics, of the party he threatens to expel!  Talk about having your cake and eating it – oops, let’s not bring that up again!   

To further accentuate their disgust and horror, Nesbitt has pulled his Party from Stormont and simultaneously called on the SDLP to join him in opposition. But ‘opposition’ to what is unclear and how this ‘opposition’ is to be shared is also not clear.  Some have commented that he has pulled the rug from under the DUP while others have questioned his wisdom at such a move indicating that there is every chance he will return with his tail between his legs, with or without the SDLP is still unclear but certainly not with the DUP at his side. 

The expected SDLP response of a sonorous blast resounding round the halls of democracy has in reality been more of an anaphylactic grunt from a constituency office. They have also voiced their concerns about sitting in an assembly with murderers but have used all the old clichés of ‘cool heads’ and ‘calm leadership’, ‘wait and see’, ‘no knee jerk reaction’ and ‘unwelcome speculation’ is unhelpful to the PSNI investigation, to describe their position on this matter. 

But reading between the lines leaves the reader with the cynical view that they, the SDLP, actually don’t seem to have one.  One could be forgiven for thinking it was SF and not the SDLP speaking.  But more importantly on the subject of murderers and the SDLP distaste for sitting in a publicly elected assembly with such ilk, the British Labour Party as the SDLP sister Party ... Iraq anyone!!!!  

Directionless to the point of political insignificance, A Attwood has claimed that through a private conversation with P Sheridan while on the Policing Board, date of which remains unknown, that the PSNI did a deal with Republicans over justice for the McCartneys.  Sheridan in response admits talking to Attwood but disputes his accuracy and interpretation of the topic discussed.  Questions remain as to when this conversation took place, the sincerity of Attwood coming forward with this information at this particular time and what he hopes to achieve by playing on the backs of a bereaved family.  As the McCartneys have pointed out how insincere the governments and police forces have been, perhaps they could also analysis Attwood’s sincerity too.  Perhaps a leadership challenge to the directionless McDonnell is what he has in mind. 

Alliance who hold the ministry for justice, are in a complete state of confusion of stating their support for law and order and especially the police but not just all the time – now that’s politics! 

And lastly Adams and Co, have arrogantly dismissed the allegations that McGuigan’s murder was officially sanctioned, and blamed ‘rogue traders’ operating from within that auld boys club – PIRA – as being solely responsible. Now, here we really go again!!!! 

Sepp Blatter has announced something similar with regards to FIFA, in publicly stating the organisation that is FIFA is not corrupt, but particular officials/people within it are responsible - someone is about to be hung out to dry. And like IFA heavyweight, in more ways than one, and former VP of FIFA, Jimmy Boyce’s (the last VP to return their watch after the last world cup scandal as it was lying out in the garage somewhere!!!) backing of Blatter, SF acolytes like Maskey et al have fallen over themselves in pouring scorn on such anti-peace process allegations in their support of their leader and his denials.

Once more the McCartneys have weighed in with their tuppence worth of opinions and have stated openly what everyone else thinks and knows.  Only this time, they are more focused on the inadequacy of the PSNI investigating any murder that the Provos commit and also the complete insincerity and lassitude shown by the respective British, Irish and American governments to resolving murders committed by the Provos. 

They, the McCartneys, can only surmise that this lack of detective skills within the Force directed at the Provos is more to do with allowing them to ‘police’ their own for the sake of the peace process and with full approval from Dublin and London and as stated above is something which A Attwood has confirmed but not proven. 

Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Ms Mairia Cahill, has been busy rounding up the families of all those who have been hard done by the Provos, aka – murdered, and consistently reported, like herself, on their search for justice.  Mairia’s new found career path begs the question, that if she were to suddenly inform British Airways that she always wanted to be a pilot, if they responded, well, here you go, fly this 747, what value would the passengers place on that decision?  And of course, we all await with bated breath on her consistent reports on murders committed by Britain’s security forces! 

McGuigan’s and Davison’s untimely demise has raised the question not just about the perpetrators of their murders but more importantly the sincerity of Unionism’s willingness to enter some form of administration with Taigs and genuinely share that administration on an equal parity of esteem for the long term ... something that Nesbitt’s withdrawal from the Stormont Executive has been highlighted by Finnuala O’Connor in the Irish News, 27/08/2015. 

According to the dogs on the streets there are many reasons as to why and who killed McGuigan.  Just like Davison’s, some have linked it to the drug world and links between his kin and the kin of one of his past victims – Mooney.  Could it be that an intricate plot of vengeance was hatched to entice McGuigan into killing Davison, whilst at the same time knowing that McGuigan wouldn’t survive the aftermath and thus killing two birds with one stone – the Curse of the Mooney! 

But the dogs are barking loudest that McGuigan’s death was committed by the Provos with the full knowledge and authority of the leadership but it will be reported by the PSNI as being perpetrated by ‘rogue elements’ within the Provos to ensure that the Executive continues and the peace process remains in its corrupt state. Just as all those murders committed by the RUC and UDR were by rogue elements too and not sanctioned by Sir Jack Hermon and his fellow officers ...  

... now, back to the story about flying pigs!

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