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Numb With Disbelief

Helen Deery, writing the day after last week's legacy meeting in Derry which the DOJ tried to spike. Helen Deery is a Derry woman interested in justice issues and who describes herself as feeling betrayed by too many friends and neighbours.

What a day yesterday was. I ended up frazzled. Firstly we had the DOJ meeting that not one politician, clergyman, or civil rights activist attended: where we found out what we had all indeed suspected, that the new HIU will take over all legacy cases. All coroner cases and all witness statements will be taken by the new information gathering team, then edited before being written out.

The HIU will have powers above anyone else including the PSNI,Ombudsman and Coroner. They will also be able to give "Limited Immunity" to those who come forward with their murderous tales.

Then we went to the Feile event held in Clooney Hall called Uncomfortable Conversations where every SF member worth their 30 pieces of silver attended. Fr Canny attended and the top table of course had The Great Pretender - Gorgeous George Hamilton, Declan Kearney, Patrica Mc Bride and Alan Mc Bride. Talk about being choreographed.

Danny Bradley confronted the PSNI Chief on arrival with pictures of his late brother who was tortured before being murdered. Danny, rightly so, was very upset at this charade and had raised his vioce. Of course this didn't go down well with the organisers, so they had a retake of him entering the hall, all looking good for the cameras.

My heart went out to Danny who was dismissed as some kind of lunatic when he accused the PSNI chief of lying. Then we heard Declan Kearney apoligise for all the RUC murders that happened in the Town. He did mention Volunteers at the end of his apology, however by that stage I was numb with disbelief. And Gorgeous George lauded himself his the Motly Crew over and over again.

Somehow at the end it felt like an Alice In Wonderland day. And I'm still hoping I wake up from this nightmare !!!

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Anthony McIntyre

Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher

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