Monumental Con Job

Marty Flynn on yesterday's meeting in Derry that the Department of Juastice tried to spike. Marty Flynn is  Belfast republican.

Just home from Derry where we attended a no show meeting with the Department of Justice.

What we learned re both the DOJ’s and those in Stormont’s plans for dealing with the past and in particular the role to be played by the Historical Investigation Unit is beyond belief.

Now wait for it folks: "limited immunity "will be granted to any eejit stupid enough to get involved in this farce.

Your story will be collected by the Independent Commission for Information Retrieval (ICIR).

Now, what's the betting that those academics recording the confession (story) will be - yip you guessed it - wee MI5 agents? And any one daft enough to divulge their murky past will be in for a dodgy time, either blackmailed or jailed.

This is what quisling $inn £ein have signed up for with the Stormont House Agreement.

FFS they labeled the Boston tapes as touting.

The HIU and the DOJ - indeed all the patsies in Stormont - are involved in a massive con job to let the British and their agents off the hook.

FFS a monumental con job, plain and simple


  1. Marty,

    did you have any serious expectations going into this? The department of Judas’ and the faulty towers of Stormont have only one solution for dealing with the past, which is put it through the mincer and hope the public do not twig on.

    They are refusing to deal with the past until they can rewrite it to suit themselves. The truth will be bleached and drained.

  2. 100% Correct Tain a cara ,when you read the proposals drafted from the Stormont house agreement you can understand why all the "stakeholder"meetings were held with the likes of the lol and the jewish and islamic centers etc ,the definition of stakeholder here is a fucking joke itself, we knew the shit that was being peddled,we just wanted to put a face on it ,in my case I just wanted to practice my shoe chucking..

  3. Marty,

    Stormont is a political laxative anything that comes out of it is usually shite. I spoke with a few people who attended and they agree it was a waste of time.

    Not a complete waste of time if you got some shoe chucking practice in, that had me laughing.