Broadcast The News Of Executions In Iran Too!

From Nothing Is Sacred an open letter from the International Committee against Execution to Walter Steinmeier, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Germany.

Dear Mr. Steinmeier, please broadcast this news as well!

In the German news media and many news programs of major networks, there is a lot of talk about the negotiations of the “Five plus One” group with the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and minute by minute reports of these negotiations are shared with the public. On behalf of the International Committee against Execution we request that you occasionally cover other stories as well. Among them is a letter we have recently received from a prison in Iran, called the Central Prison of Karaj:
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 – At Karaj Central Prison, where up till now there was the capacity to execute four people (i.e. there were four gallows for execution), a week ago they started increasing the number of gallows to eight. Once the month of Ramadan is over, there will probably be many executions. The unit in charge of executing sentences at Shahreh-Rey Court has announced that there will be many executions after Ramadan. All the prisoners and death-row inmates are scared. Can something be done to prevent these murders? We are scared.

The month of Ramadan will be over in a few days and it appears that the Islamic Government of Iran will increase the widespread, barbaric group executions of prisoners, particularly those convicted of drug related offenses.

In Iran, one person is executed every two hours. The number of executions has considerably increased, particularly during the nuclear negotiations and the Lausanne agreement. Now, with a nuclear agreement in sight, the Islamic Government of Iran is going to kill more people and increase the number of gallows in prisons to show its might to the masses and to silence those who struggle with poverty, oppression and suppression, and those who witness the Regime backing out of its important ideological slogan, meaning its war with the great Satan. If you are still interested in these “boring” news, please cover this letter from the prisoners and death-row inmates and their fears, in your future reports.

Mina Ahadi
The International Committee against Execution
July 11, 2015

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