Sinn Fein Threaten Collapse of Assembly. Honestly!

Ed Moloney with a wry look at Sinn Fein threats to Smash Stormont. Ed Moloney blogs @ The Broken Elbow.


A little bird told me that the following was the highlight of today’s exchange between Gerry Adams and David Cameron at 10 Downing Street:

GA: “We’re dead serious, prime minister! If we don’t get the budget we want, if you don’t soften your austerity policies then we’ll have no choice. The Assembly will collapse!”

DC: (Swirling his forefinger in a wide circle) “There are people in offices all around us, Gerry, who are laughing their legs off as they listen in to this conversation.”


  1. A simple question which I would like to know.

    Will the MLA's still get their paid salary if the institutions so called fall, collapse or moved to direct rule from Whitehall, does anyone know?

    This is a very important question, in my opinion.

  2. David Cameron the Tory Prime Minister phones a company specialising in celebrity lookalikes.

    "I've Adams and McGuinness coming around to meet me later and fact is I couldn't be bothered trying to get a 'fuck off' in edge-ways, what with all the 'thats a nice fireplace and look there's a photo of The Queen Marty' bullshit.... Would you have a lookalike who could stand in for me?"

    "Sorry Mr PM Sir but all our David Cameron lookalikes are otherwise engaged but I'll look and see what's available."

    Later that night the SF delegation emerges from Downing Street to meet the press.

    "Martin and I let the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, know in no uncertain terms that we were not going to be messed about."

    "Indeed we did Gerry. In fact he didn't look at all well at the thought of us bringing down the Assembly."

    "He didn't look like himself at all if truth be told, isn't that right Martin?"

    "That's correct Gerry. In fact he looked more like Simon Cowell."