Paddy Joe Hill Of The Birmingham 6 Calls For Support For The Wrongly Imprisoned Craigavon Two

From Organised Rage Paddy Joe Hill of the Birmingham 6 calls on everyone to remember Gerry Conlon by continuing to fight for the Craigavon Two!

MOJO (The Miscarriages of Justice Organisation)

We have been asked to reproduce a copy of Paddy's speech from The Gerry Conlon Event on Friday night in Belfast, please pass it on..

Paddy Hill's Statement

Tonight we are holding a concert to remember the life of our friend Gerry Conlon who suffered injustice and fought for justice till his last breath.

I along with the others known as the Birmingham Six, the Guilford Four, Maguire Seven amongst, many, many more who are to numerous to mention, managed to gain our release from jail, but we have never been given truth and justice. Our suffering lasted longer than the prisons sentences we endured. We have lived lives full of sorrow, and struggle against the monolith of a justice system that does not care.

Gerry and myself fought side by side for those we left behind in prison. It became our lives. I have no doubt that Gerry died young as a result of our struggle to highlight how innocent men and women still languish in jails in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. Tonight we celebrate Gerry’s courage to stand up and fight back regardless of the cost to himself.

We are here also to raise funds for the Miscarriage of Justice Organisation. An organisation that I set up to offer a voice to the innocent men and women who still find themselves trapped in a judicial farce. Myself and Gerry worked tirelessly through MOJO to put the spot light on the cases of innocent men and women such as Robert Brown, Paul Blackburn, Susie May, Eddie Gilfoyle and thousands of others who have suffered injustice and continue to live their lives behind bars for crimes they did not commit. We are still fighting for Derry man Brendan Dixon, Pat Docherty, William Gage, amongst many more, all wrongfully convicted and still in jail.

Nothing has changed; Gerry campaigned till the end as the chairperson of Justice for the Craigavon Two campaign. Another two innocent Irish men Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton who we believe have suffered the same fate as us. Wrongfully convicted for a crime they did not commit.

So please go from here tonight, find out more about MOJO, Find out about the Craigavon Two. Find out what you might be able to do to support the innocent people who have no voice. Carry on for Gerry.

 Justice for the Craigavon two campaign 


  1. ive the video of speech when get chance will upload it on to you tube

  2. Here it is Sparky, from the JFTC2 YouTube Page.

  3. I didn't even know Gerry died. Jesus. Sickened.