Gareth Robinson’s PR Website Went Live Only In January 2014 Just Weeks Before NAMA Deal

More from The Broken Elbow on the NAMA scandal in the North.

My thanks to The Catalunya Kid for researching this article.

By The Catalunya Kid

The website of Verbatim Communications, the public relations firm owned by Gareth Robinson, son of NI First Minister Peter Robinson, which has been linked to the NAMA property scandal recently highlighted in the Dail, was not active in its present form until January, 2014, according to an analysis of its internet timeline using the WayBackMachine Internet Archive tool.

Gareth & Peter Robinson
Gareth & Peter Robinson
This was two years after Verbatim was paid thousands of pounds to host an event at Queens University Belfast which was paid for by the law firm, Tughans, which also handled the purchase of the £1.3 billion NI property portfolio from NAMA, by Cereberus, the New York-based private equity firm.

The analysis shows that a very simple website was set up in February 2011 with just the company’s name, an email address and a phone number, which appears to be for a cell phone: 07788435708. This is a different number than the one displayed on the current website: 028 90312909, which was created after January 5th, 2014.

The new Verbatim website, which has a more professional look although lacking the detail usually present on a business website, was therefore created just two or three months before Cereberus bought the NI property portfolio.

Mystery surrounds the transfer during the NAMA transaction of some £7 million to an Isle of Man bank account which had reportedly been earmarked for a NI politician.
Readers can log on to the WayBackMachine website and go through the same steps themselves described in the document below:

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  1. From the account by Jamie Bryson the reason the bold Gareth was slow on opening his web page was because he was to busy chasing dragons,that old "coke"fucks the head up,