Dublin 1916 Societies Continue Their ‘Boycott Topaz’ Protest

The 1916 Societies on the boycotting Topaz campaign.

The Boycott

Dublin 1916 Societies have been calling for and holding ‘Boycott Topaz’ protests all over Dublin for some time now, with a great reaction from passing motorists and with most observing the protests and not filling up for their duration. This Saturday we are holding another Boycott Topaz protest at the Kilmainham Topaz Service Station from 3pm. All are welcome to come and support and give out leaflets to passing pedestrians and drivers who break the protest.

Topaz was rebranded from Shell, following the Shell to Sea controversy in Rossport, and is owned by Denis O’Brien, who is the man behind the water-metering being carried out on behalf of Irish Water. O’Brien was found by the Moriarty Tribunal to have given a €600,000 bribe, via an offshore bank account, to win the mobile licence for the 26-Counties, making him a billionaire. Even after this, he was awarded the multi-million euro contract for the water-metering, despite there being no tendering process for the contract and his company not even being registered at the time of its awarding of the contract!

Everything points to an unhealthy influence on affairs here by this oligarach and we’re calling, along with many others, for a boycott of all enterprises owned by Denis O’Brien. So please join us this Saturday in calling for a boycott of Topaz. All welcome, we hope to see you there!

For more information contact the Sean Heuston Society Dublin on their Facebook or Twitter accounts or get in touch with us directly on this site.

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