Time to Rein In The Lying

William Johnstone draws parallels between the two horses Sinn Fein likes to ride with the brace long mounted by the DUP. William Johnstone is a Ballymoney unionist with an interest in history and politics.

The bewildering behaviour of Sinn Fein as they try to ride two horses (riding in opposite directions) that is causing chaos amongst grass roots Republicans (see my earlier post) is something the Unionist community has had to contend with for two decades.

Sinn Fein promised their electorate nothing short of a United Ireland. The DUP. promised their voters they would strengthen the Union. Both lied.

Sinn Fein promised they would never accept partition. The DUP promised they would never share power with Sinn Fein. Both lied.

Sinn Fein promised they would smash the Union. The DUP promised they would smash Sinn Fein. Both lied.

Sinn Fein runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds. So does the DUP.

When Sinn Fein needs to do something politically opportunistic, the wave tricolours at protests. The DUP does the same with their Union flags.

Bewildered Sinn Fein voters should brace themselves for more of the same. Unionists have been tolerating this kind of nonsense for years. Those of you who see things clearly, beware. The electorate are eager to be fooled by these heroes of yesteryear.

Come the election, voters will force themselves to recall the old glory days and forget the present. That is the Unionist experience. The end result will be catastrophic for everyone. The leadership of both parties are seeking to be two opposing things and, eventually, this paradoxical madness will fall apart. Rendered insane with power and prestige, they struggle daily with worsening political schizophrenia and it is inevitable that it must end one day.

The Bible says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Even if you have never read the Book of Proverbs, you can't argue with that ......

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  1. The very people who started the Troubles, stoked the Troubles and carried out the Troubles ended up in power. Shame on those who vote for DUP/SF.