Boston College Case Press Statement: PSNI Send Gardai To McIntyre Home; Dublin Now Involved In Case

A press statement on the Boston College subpoena case that featured yesterday evening @ The Broken Elbow.     

Today (Sunday), two detectives from An Garda Siochana visited the home in Drogheda of former Boston College researcher, Anthony McIntyre.

Citing a request from the PSNI made under mutual legal assistance provisions between the UK and Ireland, the detectives put a number of questions to Mr McIntyre on behalf of the PSNI.

The exchange was brief and polite and Mr McIntyre declined to answer the questions.


  1. Sorry for your troubles. May that be the end of it as far An Gardai are concerned

  2. Did they get much sense out of you? You were rolling around the garden out of your nut on scrumpy according to posts on here?

  3. Sean,

    thanks for that.


    that was the night before! I simple refused to answer any PSNI referred questions.

  4. Tell them you can't help them you banged your bead while indulging in your favourite pastime naked indoor hangliding and all questions should be directed to your press officer the gold fish who by the way was never in the ra

  5. Hopefully that is a sign of the beginning of the end of what has always been a flamboyant legal action with slim prospect of ever getting a single safe conviction.