Sinicism, At Its ‘Loving’ Irish Best

Larry Hughes revisits the issues around the recent Irish referendum. Larry Hughes is a political and history enthusiast.
  • A response to Wolfsbane on his continuing refusal to even contemplate Irish citizenship

I honestly don't blame you at this stage. There is nothing republican, idealist or admirable about anything in the 26 counties. What we have are a group of scoundrels who through nepotism and parish pump cute hoor tactics have cornered the Dail as a God given private right. With a population of a measly four million they deliberately let a property boom become one of the biggest busts in global history despite seeing several other countries go the exact same way before them. We then suffered them lying through their teeth as they talked about having envisaged a soft landing. Soft landing for themselves that is as they all knew exactly when to step off the express train before it hit the buffers.

Not satisfied with that cute little stunt they then enslaved the entire population into decades and decades of financial debt to bail out corrupt and fraudulent lying bankers. (birds of a feather)Now on top of that we have water charges in a country that would appear to get 364 days of rain per year. After putting the people through that, they expect us to believe that the gay community, which is roughly four per cent of the population, suddenly became a matter of major priority for these scoundrels. I don't accept that Anthony McIntyre or anyone else believes it was an equality referendum at this stage. Rainbow republic? How dare they decide everyone in Ireland's internationally designated sexuality and say it is interested in MINORITY rights and equality. What the fuck happened to the majority's rights?

The rainbow flag is indeed flying with gay pride and abandon over the Colonial Dail and the people and media seem to be basking in the global admiration we are being told has befallen on Ireland at this momentous historical juncture. Basking in it in all their self-gratifying delusion as a deliberate media and political distraction from what is really going on. They deliberately ignore the Tourism Ireland plan announced in less than 24 hours of the yes vote which states they were already preparing to promote gay sex tourism here on a Global scale as the market is worth an estimated 220 BILLION euro annually.

Ireland has been financially enslaved and sexually pimped out by criminals and scum that pass for political representatives here. They have no 'love' of this country and no shame. I wish them nothing but bad luck. I wish you nothing but good luck Wolfsbane. You are correct, this place has nothing to offer anyone and it is only going to get worse. I am truly glad that I still have the right to a GB passport and will be availing of that option soon. The UK can soak up diversity because of the huge population. But even there immigration concerns are becoming an issue.

But Ireland, with its tiny population needs to be careful. This isn’t an immigration issue it is our government cynically exploiting gay rights as a ploy to enter into the international sex tourist trade. Again, the short term silver bullet remedy has been taken by useless political excrement in the Dail here without giving a hoot about the longer term impact on the country. They saw 220 billion per year and instinct kicked in. They saddled the bankers debt onto the nation and have now wrapped the rainbow flag around all its citizens too. Maybe they'd like to use some of that anticipated sex tourism income to fix the water infrastructure and remove the water charges form the backs of the already long suffering Irish people, gay and straight; what would you recon? DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH. We don’t have TDs here, we have PIMPS.

In short Wolfsbane, don't be coming into the 26, I'm coming back to YOU!


  1. Great article, Larry. They have made the Irish Free State into a laughing stock. Ireland, the land of the fairies. The only thing at the end of their rainbow is a crock of dung. Thank God for the border and our protestant brethren. Ulster says no. No Poop here!

  2. Larry your other comments about changing song lyrics gave me an idea of marrying (haha) Irish rebels songs with a gayish theme.
    I dont think its too OTT in the context of this article, anyway the song titles are as follows :
    1) The Broad Black Rimmer
    2) Kev In Barry
    3) 2 Brendans, 1 Cup
    4) The Faggy Dew
    5) The Boys All Fill Micheal
    6) Admiring William’s Brown
    7) The Valley Of CockManure
    8) The Gay Galtee Mountains (Cover)

  3. Larry,

    I know John is totally opposed to gay sex but why he keeps shafting you up the Jaxy by offering support suggests he might have an old gay inclination himself.

  4. And now this clown with some good old Christian hate

  5. Larry, you're my sort of Irishman! If you can get most Irishmen to love real civil and religious liberty, and to despise rogues, a UI would be a runner.

  6. Myself and a friend hopped on a neighbours church bus one Sunday and attended a Free Presbyterian service in Killicomaine (?) Portadown. We were about 13 at the time. It was a Huckleberry Finn Tom Sawyer type dare. The service was like a bible belt American experience off the tv and it was seriously entertaining. Things went from bad to worse when they called on those wishing to be saved to raise their hands and the 'dare' was issued. Two wee taig hands shot up in the balcony at the back and we marched down the stairs and up to the front and were duly brought into separate rooms and saved. My mate was attending a mixed school and several wee girls recognized him. (cringed and crapped simultaneously). Anyhow my ma found the bible they gave me in my room and a priest dragged me outa class at school to give me a wee lecture designed to put me back on track. After reading that link I think I've been robbed of a lifetime of entertainment.

    Advantage I have over Sean McGirr and the rest of you fenian bastards on here is I'm bound for heaven!

  7. Wolfesbane

    United Ireland is a fixation that is way out of date. I read every day about people who emigrated and have no interest in coming back. May as well go lay in front of the Belfast Dublin express train that spend years 'priming' another generation for nothing more than criminal records and destroyed lives. I was 27 when I last fell foul of the 'law' and that is 28 years ago. I look at the kids rioting in the fleg protests recently and thought beat it up the wee bastards, get in there and ruin yourselves, was good enough for us taigs back in the day. But, without wanting to steal Morgan Freeman's thunder, it was all an awful waste of time and I'd wish the millstone of a police record on no one's child. Especially from a force like the RUC. Jesus wept.

  8. I see they are making a "Rainbow Mile" in Dublin in time for its next celebration of debauchery. The LGBT matchmaking even in Co Clare is also going to be swamped by degenerates from across the world. Corruptio optimi pessima was never more truly illustrated. You had better get rid of that Irish passport if you want to get to Heaven, Larry.

  9. Larry, I so agree on the waste of lives and quality of living that the Troubles represents.

    We need to do all we can to warn the young and show them a better way. That's where discussion lists like TPQ and meetings like it can be so valuable. We need to see the other guy's real views, not our own assumptions about them, nor their ill-thought-out traditional lines.

    Your account of the FP children's meeting is familiar. No doubt you heard the truth of the gospel, but a weakness in the normal FP presentation back then (may have improved now) was the 'appeals' system. The leader ended the meeting with an appeal for any looking to be saved/get right with God to put their hands up and/or come forward for counselling. This was often accompanied by emotional pleas ( be sure to meet your saved loved ones in heaven, etc.). The danger in this is generating an emotional response, not a spiritual one. That's why lots of churches who used the appeals system ended up with very temporary 'Christians' - folk who professed faith for the wrong reasons, not from sincere repentance and love of Christ. When life became tough for the Christian, they turned back.

  10. degenerates from across the world

    sounds like Vatican 3

  11. Wolfesbane

    All down to personal experience. Any young lad getting to 50+ and having to explain rioting/assault/delinquency behaviour in their teens at a job interview is hard to wish on anyone. Wasn't a joyous moment in life letting my Physiotherapist Christian (none RC) Filipina Mrs read my wrap sheet. That wounded more than any local seeing it probably because locals would be less judgemental. Agree about the need for awareness, but young lads today will hardly be less inclined towards craic and adventure and downright mischief than our own generation. Governments depend on the fact. The FP experience was one I'll never forget. The fear of being exposed (of course we were-we were with neighbours)but it was a great buz and seemingly us wee RC boys were prayed for in the services for weeks afterwards lol. To little avail I'm afraid.

    John McGirr

    I think it is now called 'Shirley Temple Bar' in Dublin. The 'cool' factor will be dented and diluted when the PC do-gooders see you ultimately proven correct. You be careful now John on the Luas next time yer in Rainbow Dublin. These 'girls' will be waiting for you.

    I'll be in Clare...wouldn't miss it!

  12. DaithiD

    Struggle as we may here we cannot beat you top ten rainbow chart.

  13. Haha Larry, They need to play something at all the wedding ceremonies dont they? I think this is an ideal business opportinity for someone of your skill set Larry.

  14. DaithiD

    I've enough people/groups after my hide without the gays after my 'arse' too.

  15. Lucky that you didnt bat for the other team i.e the UDA then Larry. Johnny Adairs number 2 Sam McCrory was openly gay,and rumours of Adair and Billy Wright doing their bit for Loyalist unity abound too. How they ran their wings in Long Kesh, off their head on ecstasy made me think UDA more accurately stood for Up Da Arse.

  16. DaithiD

    Saw an estimate in an article yesterday which stated that 90% of loyalists and 50% of IRA were state agents/paid informants by the time the ceasefires was called. Looks like it was SB/Mi5 who were decommissioning themselves. It also tells us that the same 50% of Provos are now in SF continuing to milk the conflict for personal advancement and that the loyalists are on the scrap-heap. Therein lays the problem for PUP etc....they absolutely have taken it up the arse.

  17. Larry,

    In some cases follow the compensation trail.

    On occasion the agent was paid by the manufactured compensation claim so that they could account for their handsome bank balance. That does not mean that by any stretch of the imagination everybody who got a claim was an agent. But if you notice that a prime suspect ends up with a big claim you can draw you own conclusions and you will not be too wide off the mark. will not be too far wrong. It is my understanding that one agent recently received a serious hand out via compensation and has yet to make it public.

  18. Nice to see the liberal fascists get so excited that they take a bite out of secularists too!