Protest This Evening Against Political Policing

Community Groups Against Water Charges makes a call for a public protest tonight in Dublin's O'Connell Street in opposition to policing being politically applied to suppress resistance to Water Meter Installation.

We have a long history of Political Policing in Ireland, and this is the last straw!

Peaceful Direct Action Protests aimed at delaying and preventing Meter Installation have been taking place all across the country. Many communities have successfully resisted the installation of meters.

The Gardai have broken their oath and gone above and beyond their call of duty by terrorizing peaceful protesters and manufacturing the law as they go along for the benefit of the corrupt.

Two consecutive days of Political Policing in Dun Laoghaire has resulted in 12 arrests, one imprisoned, and one denied his constitutional right to protest.

Political Activist Steven Bennett, has been imprisoned on remand in Cloverhill Prison by Dún Laoghaire court. Steven was one of 4 people arrested at a peaceful protest against Water Meter Installations at Barnhill Road in Dalkey on Tuesday evening. Dún Laoghaire Gardaí also arrested 8 peaceful protesters on Monday evening at an anti water meter protest at York Road.

We call for a peaceful assembly against political policing tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm at the Daniel O’Connell Statue.

Please come to this and show your solidarity with Steven and with all who have suffered at the hands of State Enforcers.

Let's show in force that we cannot be intimidated!

We call on you and all who care about the right to peaceful protest to come to this peaceful assembly and deliver a strong message

“They will not break our spirit because United we are Strong.”

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