Martin McGuinness’ Royal Baby Tweet

Ed Moloney with a brief observation on a recent tweet by Martin McGuinness.

If you are going to congratulate the heir to the British throne on the birth of yet another expensive burden to the taxpayer, wouldn’t it be more dignified to be honest about it?

Approaching the topic in a sideways and backwards fashion is surely calculated to provoke only mirth and contempt, even if it has become in recent years la méthode pour le jour of a certain party’s peace process strategy.

Imagine, for instance, the hoots of derision that greeted this little tweet when it came over the tapes at Loughside?



  1. On tv tonight he stated 'principles' prevented any possibility of SF taking seats at Westminster. Continuing to say, as he sat in front of the 1916 proclamation, we will not give our consent to Britain having a say in any part of this island.

    Surely there is enough material by now for a compilation of these ridiculously funny outbursts by McGuinness and others to be compiled into a Johnny English type DVD?

  2. And surely Larry theres a student of history that could gather and correlate all the nefarious allegations and the other unexplained coincidences pertaining the DFM.

    Don't know if there's hard evidence to be gathered but based on various conversations with various people in several locations around the country over the years there's more Frank Hegarty type stories to be documented.

  3. George Monbiot made a fine observation about this type of thing occurring in the course of an election campaign:

    "our heads must simultaneously be dunked in a vat of sycophantic slobber"

  4. Henry joy

    Surely some of the 'investigative' journalists on tv have reels of film of the stuff. Maybe they are just investedinterests journalists.

  5. AM

    yoho im a provo...just audible between bouts of bubbles!

  6. All news is good news, keeps Martin in limelight in the runup to election where he is standing in Derry. Why is he switching to Derry?


  7. He's standing in Derry because SF got a bloody nose in the last council elections when Gary Donnelly gave SF a 'bloody nose' and got elected ...

    Chances are they'll use the excuse about the reduction of MLA's as the reason...