Indonesia’s Barbaric Killings

Steven Katsineris slams the recent executions carried out in Indonesia. An Australian, Steven Katsineris frequently features on The Pensive Quill.

Indonesia’s cruel punishments in executing Australian and other drug smugglers have been utterly disgraceful. Indonesia has learnt nothing from its appalling and shameful past in East Timor and continues its awful atrocities in West Papua and now these vile executions.

Australia must respond hard, stand up for human rights and stop supporting this corrupt, oppressive and brutal army and government. Repressive regimes like Indonesia need to be treated like the international pariahs they are. Enough, Australia should give no more aid for the Indonesian army or government. 

Indonesia’s barbaric killings were for local political posturing. Common sense requests, reasoned arguments and even pleading for lives failed. The only alternative is the type of direct action all corrupt and oppressive governments like Indonesia understand-financial pressure. Most of the big business enterprises in Indonesia (legal and illegal) are owned by the army or former army officers and their cronies. We should boycott Bali, Garuda and all other Indonesian business interests.


  1. Agree with your points, Steven.

    It might also be said that western countries could increase their moral authority by dropping their stupid "war" on drugs, and starting to engage in strategies that actually protect the vulnerable.

    People get killed in wars, as happened the other day, and the everyday "common sense" (i.e. anti-debate) rhetoric of the west isn't so far from Indonesian attitudes.

  2. Drug addiction and drug smugglers and dealers have scant regard for society or any one in it. Mules know what they are doing. They are after easy money and don't give a hoot about the effects of the trade. Authorities should follow the money chain and execute those at the top end. Mercilessly.

    Drug addicts are a different matter. That is where the help should be directed. Not to mention their long suffering families and communities.

  3. I have to agree with larry on this. We have much more worthy causes to complain about than dealers getting a taste of what they give to many others.

    Yes, I know the governments of this world are mostly corrupt and up to as much evil as the dealers. I also know some of these executed folk may well have been reformed persons. But they and others have no right to object to the justice meted out.

  4. Since America asked the General Assembly to make West Papua a UN Trust Territory in 1962, Indonesia has killed an estimated 500,000 while the US has been looting their gold & other resources... And you think killing two Australians is cruel?
    - here some legal info and some historical references.

  5. Agree in part with Lorenzo, yes, execute those at the top, supplying this affliction onto citizens, presently in the six counties we have the cabal of UVF, UDA and Russian mafiosi supplying free heroin to young children to ensure they get hooked and then charging them for the gear which, frankly, they are having to engage in theft and/or robbery to feed this nasty 'habit'.
    Some of these people do then become the mules, simply to make the money needed to feed the habit, and it matters not whether they're carrying from Dublin to Belfast or Derry or Ballymena or, boarding flights from Kingston Smith to Jakarta to get the gear into their own state.
    The approach could be hitting the Speedy Fagan's to stop further supply by scaring their friends but this clearly did not work.
    As above, the supply of 'hard drugs' in the six counties is now, as before, controlled by loyalist paramilitaries, the authorities are unwilling to take these bowsies on for fear of upsetting them, and the Russians (a point made by a BBC journalist but not responded to by senior police a few months ago), so where do we here go, as above, executing the main suppliers did not work as human greed controls human action and the money to be gained is immense.
    Why not then take the supply from the Russians and loyalists, or the Crumlin, Drimnagh, Limrick brigades in the rest of Ireland, and permit supply on the Dutch model, taxing supply and monitoring to ensure users are safe?

  6. Menace

    Fair point on legalisation/monitor/control and help those needing help.