Family Of Óglach George McBrearty To Host 34th Anniversary Commemoration Next Week In Derry

Bridie McBrearty, the mother of IRA Volunteer George McBrearty announces through the 1916 Societies a Derry commemoration to mark his death on active service in May 1981. 

Volunteer George McBrearty

It is approaching the 34th Anniversary of my son, Óglach George McBrearty, who was killed on Active Service, alongside his comrade Óglach Charles Maguire, on 28th May 1981.

We will be holding a commemoration to mark his death and to remember with dignity and pride, George and all those local Volunteers, who died for the noble cause of an Irish Republic, founded on the principles of the Proclamation.

We wish to extend a warm invite to you as friend and comrade of George to join with us, to commemorate George.

The Commemoration will take place at the Creggan Monument on Thursday 28th of May, 2015, at 7.30pm.

We have always valued the support and solidarity of George’s friends, comrades, and the Republican community in Derry and further afield.

We sincerely hope that you and your wider family circle will honour us by accepting our invitation and join us to remember our son and brother George.

On that evening my other son and our brother Pat, who died on 29th May 1991, will also be commemorated.

Is mise le meas

George’s mother Bridie McBrearty, his children Orla, Kellie & Thomas, and all his brothers and sisters.

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