Tomas Allen Society To Host Independent Commemoration To Their Namesake In Longwood

Information from the 1916 Societies about a planned commemoration this weekend.

The Tomas Allen 1916 Society Meath are hosting an Independent Republican Commemoration in Longwood Village, Co.Meath, on the 99th Anniversary of the heroic death of Irish Republican Army Lieutenant Tomás Allen in the Four Courts Garrison.

The granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Tomás Allen will be in attendance.

A poem about the life of Tomás has been especially commissioned for the occasion and Derek Molyneux – co-author of the book ‘When the Clock Struck: 1916 Stories’ – will read from a section of his book dealing with the heroic defence of the Four Courts by Tomás and his comrades – the battle on the side-streets around North King Street, where some of the most intense fighting took place and British Sherwood Foresters murdered Dublin civilians.

A piper will lead the commemoration from Longwood Village to the graveside, where the 1916 Proclamation will be read, followed by poetry, music and a historic speech. Everyone welcome, assemble 2pm in Longwoods.

For further information contact the Tomás Allen Society on their Facebook page or get in touch with us here on this site.

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