Sister's Plea For Christy Walsh

Tracy O’Donovan, a niece of Christy Walsh, with a letter that her mother, Theresa Walsh, has written to Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness.

This compassionate letter has been sent by my mum, Christy's sister, to Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness today

Dear Messer's Robinson and McGuinness,

I am writing in regards to my brother Christy Walsh, who as you both know is now on HUNGER STRIKE for 30 Days today.

I don't need to fill you in on his trial and appeals as Christy has informed you of that very clearly, better than I ever could.

Christy is a citizen of this great island, a husband, a father, an uncle, a friend and my brother. A brother I am terrified to lose.

You Mr Robinson and Mr McGuinness have the power to "right this wrong". The wrongful injustice that has let to Christy to take this drastic action of Hunger Strike.

I am pleading with you both to take immediate action, as time is NOT on Christy's side.


Yours Sincerely

Theresa Walsh


  1. An issue such as this blatant injustice and the media broadcast the Sound of Silence. Promoted by the need to maintain the fiction that the Minister for Justice really is for justice. Peace process subversion of the media.

  2. Unfortunately these people have watch their constitutants die prematurely for years! They have no heart no soul no conscience!

    They will happily let christy die! Like so many people they have an obligation to protect!

    This is just the fact of the shower if low life that apparently represent us!

    They don't represent me! But if you support or vote these people then you have a responsibility to act!

    What is happening to christy is wrong ! It needs to stop or we haven't moved on from the 1970s! Occupied by a foreign force administrated by local thugs!

    This case could be positive highlight the many failures of our society and help begin serious discussion on how this occupied territory is to move foward!

    Support christy Walsh or we will all suffer the consequences!