Not A Game, But A Con Job

Marty Flynn with an unedited version of his letter to the Irish News on the Casement Park controversy. Marty Flynn is a Belfast republican.

I see that P O Neill, aka Seanna Walsh, has put his hat in the ring re Casement Park development. 

The bold Seanna gives, or attempts to give, the impression that he is a concerned resident of the area in favour of the proposed development. 

What he doesn’t say is that the new front recently founded to support this development is a Sinn Fein inspiration. Indeed founded as it was in the Andytown Social Club, it would have been a brave man/woman who would have voiced any objection. 

Seanna does indeed live in a big house in the shadow of Casement Park. How he managed to acquire that property along with other members of his party is open to speculation. 

What is for certain is that Sinn Fein and the GAA are locked in a financial enterprise for personal gain at the expense of the people of Andersonstown and further afield. 

It is not a game - it is a con job.

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