Credit To The Union

Thomas "Dixie" Elliott with a humorous piece on the organic relationship between Sinn Fein and the Credit Union. Dixie Elliot is a writer and artist. As a former republican prisoner he took part in the prolonged blanket protest in the H-Blocks. 

Gerry Adams has denied being a member of the Credit Union.

"I don't have a Credit Union book nor have I ever had one. Claims that I owe them £135 and 45p are attempts at smearing me by individuals opposed to the peace process," said the Sinn Fein leader.

Members of SF will be protesting outside offices of the Credit Union in Belfast this Friday and work is already underway on a mural on the Falls Road.

Graffiti calling Anthony McIntyre and Ed Moloney touts was removed when it was pointed out to a Mr Bobby Storey that the Credit Union book was not in fact an actual book with writing in it but a record of money paid into and owned to the Credit Union by the account holder, a Mr Gerry Adams.

A member of the party in Derry was treated for serious injuries in Altnagelvin Hospital after he phoned round other members of the party telling them to burn their Credit Union books in protest.