Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 31

Christy Walsh on Day 31 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent this morning to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Dear Messrs Robinson and McGuinness

Today marks my 31st day on Hunger-strike and still neither of you have responded to reasonable requests.

I have made very damning public statements against David Ford and his disreputable character.  And I intend to continue doing so.   Given his privileged status as a Minister of the Assembly and if my claims are true, as I say they are, then that raises very serious questions about the integrity of the Power Sharing Executive for shielding him.  If I am unjustly defaming the Justice Minister in the eyes of the public then his departmental lawyers would have advised him of my liablity for my actions.   Criminal libel is committed when a statement, or statements,  have been made in circumstances where the libel may disturb the peace of the community or where it is likely seriously to affect the reputation of the Justice Minister. 

The law as to criminal libel is clearly stated in Russell on Crimes, 8th ed., Vol. 1, p. 983.

Every defamatory libel may at the will of the person defamed be made the subject of either criminal or civil proceedings. If a defamatory libel is published, the law presupposes a tendency to excite the wrath of the person defamed and to create a breach of the peace. (R v Wicks (1936) 25 Cr App Rep 168)

The reason why David Ford has not denied a word I have said about him is because it is ALL true. 

For the record, David Ford knowingly had false evidence put before the court in order to pervert the course of justiceHe did so in order to cover-up prosecutorial misconduct at my expense.

As Mr McGuinness is aware I have asked to meet him in person and I will travel to Derry in order to minimize any inconvenience to him.    If the First and Deputy First Ministers' truly believe that David Ford did not do as I have said that he did then while in Derry I will gladly call into any PSNI station and give them what assistance they might need to clear up this matter.

Yours Sincerely

Christy Walsh

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