Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 26

Christy Walsh on Day 26 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent this morning to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.
Dear Messrs Robinson and McGuinness.

Today marks my 26th day on Hunger-strike and still neither of you have responded to reasonable requests.

Below I copy, in full, only one of a great many emails addressed to the Justice Minisister, David Ford, to show that what was being asked of David Ford was clear and concise.   As you both know David Ford never answered reasonable requests. 


Subject: Re: Criminal Justice Inspectorate Investigation
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 09:51:29 +0000

Dear Justice Minister

Given that your Lawyer, Mr Gleenan, has lead Justice Weatherup to believe that Detective Gary McMurran only passed the vital photographic evidence to the PPS many years after my Trial and Appeal then I fear that the course of justice may be further perverted.

Can you confirm if you ever referred my complaint and case details to the Criminal Justice Inspectorate?
If so,

1) has the Criminal Justice Inspectorate concluded that the Police are at fault and not the PPS? and
2) on what evidence was such a conclusion based?
3) why was I never consulted to see if I had additional evidence in my possession?

Christy Walsh

The reason why David Ford, Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson refuse to investigate is because they know that the evidence that confirms my demonstrable innocence is the same evidence that proves the Crown Prosecutor's demonstrable guilt, hence: "If Walsh's application succeeds it may gain a higher profile and raise questions over other convictions."

Mr McGuinness you will note that your colleague Raymond McCartney (conchurdoire) was always kept informed from the outset up until he blocked my emails.

I patiently await your response.

Yours Sincerely
Christy Walsh

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