Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 24

Christy Walsh on Day 24 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent this morning to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Dear Messrs Robinson & McGuinness

Today marks my 24th day on Hunger-strike.

Can you please inform me:

  1. If any steps have been taken to investigate my claims against David Ford having perverted the course of justice by putting false evidence before His Honour Mr Justice Weatherup on 31st May 2012?  
  2. If any steps have been taken to investigate Mr Winters claims to being concerned for his personal safety because he represented me?
  3. If evidence of prosecutorial misconduct has been forwarded to the Criminal Justice Inspectorate?
  4. Or, provide me with the reasons why 1, 2 or 3 above have not been done?

I would remind you both of your Ministerial Code of Conduct which states at 1.4(g) as follows:

Ministers must at all times:-
(iii) ensure that all reasonable requests for information from the Assembly, users of services and individual citizens are complied with; and that departments and their staff conduct their dealings with the public in an open and responsible way;"

Yours sincerely
Christy Walsh


  1. Has this man really been off food for 24 days, how come this is not in any other newspapers in NI or on the news, after all the coverage they gave to ashers case

  2. Alwayssunny

    Thank you for raising the question. Firstyly yes I have not eaten in 25 days. As for the local media your guess is as good as mine on that one. One possibility I think might be the cause is the frightening idea that the prosecutor in my case has plied his trade for over 30 years -after I kicked up a fuss about him throughout 2010 I think this man was eventually taken of representing any cases before the court since 2011. As for the 2 QC barristers, Quinlivan and McGleenan, most newspapers would be extremely cautious about taking on that kind of clout.

    The big possibility could be that David Ford is the first Justice Minister in the new dawn of the GFA and many would be terrified to learn that he corrupt to his core.

    Another factor could also be that SF have changed form and, as the caretakers of British rule in Ireland, are obidiently trying to prove that they are now house trained as was a required hoop that they were to jump through.

    I hope that helps.