Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 19

Christy Walsh on Day 19 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent this morning to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Dear Mr Robinson & Mr McGuinness

Today is my 19th day on Hunger-strike.

Karen Quinlivan not only went against Kevin Winters instructions but, as can be seen, even junior counsel, Mr Sean Devine, did not agree with her, I quote: 

Christy deserves to be heard on the other aspects of his JR challenge and he makes some excellent points in the documents he has prepared. The DoJ don't even deal with most of them! ...he also deserves his JR to be fully ventilated.  I think Christy is right to have it listed...

Karen Quinlivan is arguably a disreputable lawyer doing David Ford's dirty work for him. And if Mr Devine and Kevin Winters were not inhibited by fear then why else would they have deliberately and knowingly let down their own client to ensure David Ford won the 31st May Hearing unchallenged?

Have either of you taken any steps to investigate my claims?

Yours Sincerely
Christy Walsh


  1. I'm not
    Making any allegations! But is not a bit strange that all these miscarriage of justice cases seem to be using the same legal teams! Alarm bells any one! Just an oppinion!
    As was famously said by senior special branch! We recruit everybody and anybody!

  2. Any updates on the health of this man?

  3. Stefangillies
    Thank you for asking. Because I am at home I realise that the risks are greater for me because I do not have medical staff monitoring my health condition as would be the case were I in a prison or hospital. Thus far I have been doing ok. In the first few days I had few low sugar but nothing else. I started out drinking black tea -to avoid the migraines from caffiene withdrawal -I get chilled from drinking cold water so I now drink only warm or hot drinks -which I have started drinking fruit flavoured herbal tea to make it more palatable (no sustenance in any of them). I was advised to take salt -so I take 1 sachet a day of electrolytes (salts); and a vitamin C to help avoid catching a cold or flue. Other than that I do not take any liquid food supplements, multivitamin, or anything else that could suffice as a food source. My health has been generally ok but on Thursday my body was achy and I had a temperature. That was the first real effect that I have encountered. I have been told that my breath stinks. Starting out I was noticeably overweight so now my stomach is almost completely flat. I do not feel hungry but am aware that my stomach is empty and I otherwise feel fine and am in good spirits.


  4. Can some one advise christy of the work of the criminal case review committee !
    The ccrc it's a free service