Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 18

Christy Walsh on Day 18 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent this morning to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Dear Mr Robinson & Mr McGuinness

Today is my 18th day on Hunger-strike.

On 31st May 2012 Kevin Winters insisted that Ms Karen Quinlivan, QC, was acting contrary to his knowledge or instructions. Mr Winters advised me that nothing could be done about it at such a late hour.   On 19th July 2012 I emailed Mr Winters a series of questions to confirm that his position had not changed; the following are the questions asked and Mr Winters corresponding answers:

Christy Walsh: Did you instruct Karen Quinlivan QC as per my instructions to you?
Kevin Winters: Yes.
Christy Walsh: Did you later change those instructions to the effect that she was to drop my grounds for judicial review and deal exclusively with the single add-on issue regarding section 133?
Kevin Winters: No.
Christy Walsh: Did you cause her to find common cause with the DoJ regarding my credibility and the Lenadoon taxi service terminus by the Lenadoon shops?
Kevin Winters: No, but counsel may well disagree with your assessment on this issue?
Christy Walsh: Did you instruct her to downgrade the quality of my case to the lesser standard of 'at best' category 2?
Kevin Winters: No.

Why would my own senior counsel set me up to ensure David Ford won a losing case?
One possible reason might have been that Ms Quinlivan wanted to show her gratitude and loyalty to David Ford for appointing her as QC.
Another reason could have been because David Ford determines how much fees each QC can charge for their services.
Another reason could have been because she was covering up for a brother barrister, the Prosecutor, Mr Gary McCrudden.
Or, ... all of the above?

Have you both come to a decision yet? If you have, could you please communicate if to me?

Yours sincerely
Christy Walsh

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