Acknowledging Martin McGuinness

Tracy Donovan, a niece of Christy Walsh, has penned a short letter expressing her gratitude to Martin McGuinness for the steps he took to bring an end to her uncle's hunger strike.

Dear Mr McGuinness,

Last week you had a meeting with my uncle Christy Walsh to help resolve his quest for justice.

This was a powerful step for both you and Christy.

I wish to Thank You for taking this step, for acknowledging Christy’s injustice, treating him with respect, giving him and his family hope and enabling him to put his trust in you. 

As a family, we also appreciate that you have raised his case with David Ford , and will continue to support Christy in his quest for justice.

We wait in anticipation for a positive outcome.

Yours Sincerely

Tracy O’Donovan
(Christy’s  Niece)


  1. Credit where credit is

  2. It's the least he could do. After all it was his party SF who put David Ford back in power.

  3. Well SF have made their bed and have to lay in it. No amount of criticism is going to change anything now where they are concerned. The SF membership have descended so deep into self denial and the fairy tale scenario they are almost to the point where they are spinning like break dancers trying to explain the 'big-picture' scenario. I'm over listening to them. Glad to see that hunger strike ended, no one gave a fuck. Pity the 1980s versions ever happened in the first place.