Stop Stormont's Austerity

The Socialist Party is organising a 6 County wide protest on 13 March 2015 in a bid to halt the political class at Stormont implementing its Tory Austerity Policy which targets the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.


Strike & Protest on March 13th!


BELFAST - Assemble 12noon Writers Square, Rally 1pm City Hall

DERRY - Assemble 12noon Altnagelvin Hospital, Rally 1pm Guildhall Square

STRABANE - Assemble 12noon Market Square, Rally 1pm Abercorn Square - ENNISKILLEN - Assemble 12.30pm Gaol Square, Rally 1pm The Diamond

OMAGH - Assemble 12.30pm Tyrone County Hospital, Rally 1pm The Courthouse - MAGHERAFELT - Rally 10am The Diamond - COOKSTOWN - Rally 12noon Old Post Office

DUNGANNON - Rally 2pm South Tyrone Hospital - CRAIGAVON - Rally 10.30am Civic Centre - NEWRY - Rally 1pm Daisy Hill Hospital



This Friday, workers in public transport, the civil service, health and education will engage in a 24-hour strike against the cuts policies being pushed through by the Assembly Executive. We call on everyone to support this strike by not crossing picket lines and joining the protests above.


Here's what the cuts would mean:

- 20,000 jobs slashed in the public sector, destroying thousands more in the private sector

- Mounting youth unemployment and poverty, already at 'Great Depression' levels

- More A&E, hospital and school closures in services already at breaking point

- 20 towns losing their local bus services, leaving the elderly and vulnerable more isolated

- The potential sell-off of public assets, including NI Water which would lead to water charges


On top of all this, the politicians are united in campaigning for a cut in corporation tax which will transfer at least £300 million per year directly from public services to the profits of big business.


The Socialist Party's trade union activists and Socialist Youth have been to the fore in building support for Friday's industrial action. Join us on the day to demand:

- March 13th is just the start! Trade unions must call the next strike day ahead of the general election!

- Make the super-rich pay! Reject the austerity agenda and demand the billionaires, bankers and big business are made to pay for their crisis

- Build a new, mass party! We need a political alternative to the right-wing, sectarian politicians based on trade union activists, young people and all those fighting oppression


To get involved, contact Daniel on 07821058319.

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