Save Gorse HIll!

Simon Smyth with a satirical take on the latest revolutionary force to emerge in Ireland, the New Land League, as its battles out of a strong sense of social conscience to protect endangered millionaires. 
  • Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth - Rex Stout

The proud “Internationalism from below” pioneered by Michael Davitt and developed by James Connolly has been taken on by a new torch bearer- The New Land League.

After the Fenian Michael Davitt was released from prison in 1877 he created the Irish National Land League to challenge Anglo-Irish ascendancy landlords and win land for the people.  

James Connolly was heavily influenced by Michael Davitt. He was a socialist after all and fought for the poorest in society as forcefully as Davitt’s Land League campaigned for the small landholder and tenant farmers.

They both had international interests both in alleviating poverty and fighting aristocracy and Empire.

The New Land League has taken on this heavy task. It is fighting hard for the poor millionaires, the property developers and speculators who in some churlish, blinkered people’s eyes contributed towards the economic downfall of the Celtic Tiger.

The €30M mansion in question is only worth €7M today so where is the poor property developer and family to go? If they get evicted not unlike the poor tenant farmer of the late 1800s they will inevitably be on the streets. Begging.

Why not move to a smaller house and use the money to pay off the bank and the tax payer who are owed tens of millions? This seems reasonable but after paying back banks across the world €700M and helping the International cause the poor millionaire hasn’t tuppence.

Land League spokesman and friend of the millionaire Jerry Beades described the mansion as “bog-standard” and “simplistic”.

So please raise a glass of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru 1970 and toast the health of the aristocracy. (Sorry I meant to say soon-to-be evicted tenants.)


  1. witty and timely Simon. Great job

  2. It is difficult judging farce these days as the Irish political system has turned into a parody of itself.

    By acting like fools the protagonists in this battle are treating the public like fools.

    The New Land League is an idea more suited to comedy than serious debate.

  3. Don’t you really sorry for these poor millionaires lying awake at night worrying about what to do with their millions.

    Well it’s time to pass around the hat. Here is a used bus ticket they can have.


  4. the irish will end up being an international joke. we are really screwed up here, there is definitely something seriously wrong with all this. how did this couple make their millions - parasitism. they dont giv a fuck for the likes of u and me u can be sure.

  5. Wonder who ever said this place was worth 30 million? Could it be the same leeches who now want it? Hard to feel compassion for a wealthy family,much easier someone with no shoes. There is an awful lot of hypocrisy about. Can't see the wit in the whole saga to be truthful.

  6. Interesting the fact that they returned from Surrey England where they live to attempt to prevent the repossession. Absentee evictees? Surrey obviously preferable to Sean Fitzpatrick's option of a sordid little 8 million shack in Spain. Heart bleeds for them. It must be a fore-runner of the Channel 4 Famine comedy this 'new land-league'.

  7. Mal. I guarantee they wouldn't get the used bus ticket reference.