Outside The Box: Take 7

Sean Mallory with his view of the latest sex abuse scandal to rock Sinn Fein. Sean Mallory, from Tyrone, is a wry and sometimes caustic observer of politics both nationally and internationally. 

West Brits ....

Another Cahill like victim of sexual assault and cover up, called Paudie, has suddenly been unveiled to the public and the incentive to do so remains a mystery. I believe I am familiar with this story but cannot be absolutely sure ... so many! Unlike the other attacks to date this can’t be classed as paedophilia as Paudie was aged 17 at the time of the assault so it comes down to rape. Although I would hedge my bets and wager that his attacker didn’t enquire about age never mind his consent and thus would not be particularly concerned with the legalities of age!

But judging by Mairia’s fate, Paudie’s will most likely end in the same manner – unresolved. Of course, in the interim period from start to finish, he will be dragged around the opposition parties, to hear repetitively barbed words of condemnation and soothing words of sympathy and compassion, to have arms of loving insincerity wrapped around his defiled body, but not to comfort, or to smother his mental trauma, nor to inform him that he isn’t alone in this fight but to thank him for his miraculous appearance at such an opportune time. And all done tastefully of course with practiced facial expressions of horror and support – not a baby kissing smiley moment this!

SF have stolen the lead in the polls, but now thanks to Paudie, will now find, that the peloton has made a dash to catch up. And like Maria, Paudie will be unceremoniously dumped when he no longer has any value. Apparently there are over 60 rape crime cover-ups by the Belfast leadership of the Republican Movement, of which, Mairia Cahill has spoken to quite a few – busy little girl that she is.

The opposition to SF which if truth be told, amounts to every other political party in Ireland and Britain for that matter, are gleefully rubbing their hands at the prospect of clawing back a few electoral points and stymieing the flow of plebeian support to SF. Some foresee this latest episode of covering up this sexual assault as tainting the chances of any future partnership in government with SF but when we consider those regular electoral government parties and how they covered for the Catholic Church and its loathsome paedophilia priests and it’s horrific Institutions of mental and physical torture - the Magdalene laundries - then lying down with those who have covered up rape seems to pale to insignificance and such malicious claims can be like many of the Magdalene babies buried and forgotten.

The process will continue to repeat until all victims have had their say. And in turn the denials of responsibility will follow. All wrapped in empathy and understanding.

What Paudie’s revelation does explain is not that the Belfast leadership covered it all up, we were all very aware of that already, although after reading about Joe Cahill allegedly being a paedophile, vehemently denied by Ms Cahill, and how the British Security services dealt with that, is it any wonder they covered it up! But now fully explains the U-turn on the welfare bill. Distraction, just like bastards and bullocks, coupled with the new tactic by the Fuhrer of simply agreeing, is employed once more.

McGuinness, already committed to screwing the proletariat in the North was informed of the upcoming Paudie revelation and the only possible way around this was to renege on the Stormont House Agreement and shift the focus off Paudie and on to Martin. A bluff of unbelievable magnitude and it had to be in order to be any way successful and fulfill its call, but unlike the Maze project of similar sized brass-neck reneging, this one was resolvable as it didn’t have its roots in dissension among the ranks but panic among the cabal and their desire for success in the South. A week is a long time in politics and that is all it has taken to turn Paudie’s traumatic experience in to last week’s news. Ask Mairia?

Paudie’s revelation didn’t warrant a response from the British government or the Americans but Martin’s U-turn did. A U-turn that Martin informed us over the weekend was resolvable by Wednesday and so perhaps he and Peter of the Maze reneging, could quite possibly jump on that freedom bird and join the SDLP and the UUP at the White House. Why these two local party leaders, Alasdair and Mike, were not more concerned with resolving this impasse that had us on the brink again is quite puzzling. Would Obama even have met them?

Paudie like Mairia, is spent news but I’m sure the ‘powers that be’ will continue to exhume her and Paudie’s traumas up as much as they did and still do with Jean McConville and wring as much from them as they can.

Westminster, in answer to vociferous protests from victims and supporters has had trouble determining who is to lead, and trouble determining the limitations of its remit, of its investigation into paedophilia. Like Saville, Brittan and Smyth have escaped, while those not old enough or unwell enough to have fortunately died have been left, unfortunately alive, to face the consequences. Except of course, for those victims of Kincora where the remit to include would prove too embarrassing that it was best left outside its perimeter. All those years of demonising republicans and extolling the virtues of Unionism and Westminster democracy could be unravelled quite easily. Hard work to loose for the sake of few 'thick paddies'.

But I’m sure Baron Molyneaux will provide a supportive voice for those Kincora victims when he confronts Brittan and Co in the here-after, just as he did vociferously in the Commons and likewise in the House of Lords. The Dáil, it would seem, does share commonality with Westminster!

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